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JailBreak IPhone os 3.11,3.12

works perfect for me.. i have heard ppl having issues with winterboard after jailbreaking therefore i will post step by step on what i did

NOTE: this jailbreak WILL NOT UNLOCK YOUR PHONE. Unlocking is different from jail breaking. Unlocking means u are unlock to your phone service provider. jail breaking just allows u to install app and other shit that have not been approved by apple.

  • plug in iphone to itune
  • download blackra1n from
  • right click on blackra1n ->property->compatibility and run it as windows xp mode


  • run blackra1n then click on make it rain.
  • now u wait..wait ..wait until your iphone goes into recovery and u see pic of the creator for blackrain
  • now login to your iphone and u should see an app that is call blackra1n
  • run blackra1n on your iphone and u will get 3 options, 1: install cydia, 2 install something else, 3 install icy,
  • there is also an additional option to remove blackra1n.. only click on that after u have installed cydia
  • now install cydia.. DO NOT INSTALL ICY OR ANYTHING ELSE. icy has a bug where it will fuk up your winterboard
  • soooo now that cydia is installed, update all your shit and add source
  • install appsyn 3.1 from cydia
  • install winterboard and u are all done…

V is married

Yes yes, I am married..:D finally i have found the girl that i like and could replace the ones that i have lost. Yes.. she treat me well and never complain, not even when i ride her hard and fast. in fact she likes me riding her hard.. of course in return i  treat her well, giving her only the best. we have a great mutual understanding and she brings me to places to I would not have gone by myself.

Bet you are curious who she is. let me introduce to you chervel my wife 🙂

Mazda RX8 004Mazda RX8 003Mazda RX8 005


Pregnant Teen

I saw a really hot pregnant teen today catching the train with shopping bags. what can i say.. dumb? lucky? slut? poor soul? unlucky? sucker? awww? damn?

dunno.. actually.. really lost for words. I really wonder what goes through their mind. she was heavily plastered in makeup, wearing short skimpy dress, tight top. aye… not a good impression. reminds me of Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of Britney Spears. why did she do it? cause her sister is famous/richer/dumber/sluttier and Jamie felt compelled to out do her sister Britney?

spearsForever labelled as a dumb whore is never a good thing but then however, she did receive much more publicity from this sooooo perhaps she does have a really high IQ and is just hiding behind that dumb blonde(omg hot) face of hers?

who knows…but if you are pregnant with a mega rich tycoon, i can understand… i mean just the alimony.. esp in countries like australia and america where rich man get sucked dry (literally) from divorces. On the other hand, who are we as man to judge slutty woman. In fact, perhaps we should be paying tribute to them. I mean, they have given countless hours of pleasures to many man except for me of course. When sluts sees me, they stop, turn 180 degrees around and run as fast as they could for some reason. I know I know, i am not rich/attractive/huge 10 inch penis/beefcake/funny etc etc but i have a good heart and a working penis. really!!

I thought all they needed to fuel them is a working penis!!! Don’t believe me? well, any hot chick is welcomed to test it out.


Economic lesson from ME

Yes, thats right.. economic lesson from someone with absolutely no financial experience, therefore you better trust and listen to my great advice.

what is the best thing you can do at during this period of time?


Thats right, be a tight ass and pray that the US dollar don’t drop. Why? drop in US dollars can have a repercussion effect throughout the world but because of the high demand in US goods, this seem highly unlikely. Why? Because when the USD drops, everyone will be “OMG USD IS SHIT NOW AND EVERYTHING IS CHEAP… LETS BUY BUY BUY” and then USD demand goes up and the dollar strengthen again.

Not only that, but because alot of countries trades in USD, even if you are buying shit from taiwan, you will probably buy in USD as well. ironic isn’t it

Actually, I have to say, that is one great piece of ass. I know, i know, very perverted though but hey I am a guy after all you know.

Sorry for the lack of actual blog post.. i have been so busy its not funny, bringing home lots of work to do and recently i have been upgrading my computers to windows 7. its not a easy job because I HAVE FREAKING 7 computers to upgrade. Actually 6, since my laptop is screw AGAIN for the 3rd time and for the SAME reason. NOT happy.. stupid onboard graphic card.

What can i say about windows 7, other then ITS FUKING GREAT, compared to vista that is. Furthermore, it is heaps smarter, installing most of my drivers for me. 😀 sweet.  i can probably write a review about it but whats the point? theres plenty out there on the net.




123622587204412363573459321237064775943l_dabb892f7ca7514cb5b7e11190ca5adaunxplained-photo-1225258423-85706unxplained-photo-1225258436-12910unxplained-photo-1226746911-22435So cute yet so creepy


Email Email Email

I am so lost for titles at this point, so here we go!!!



Another interesting night as metros

hahah yer thats right.. so many babes but I have a feeling most of them are mainlander.

I saw L again… yes, again.. hahaha this time on sober terms. well as least on a fairly sober state anyway.  I dun think we will progress any further from there, i mean if we had broken up before ,TWICE, there must be a reason. No point dwelling on something that had happened in the past but it is still always great to catch up with a old friend. Although I have to say even though I hold her to my heart, my brain is telling me whats right but my heart is telling me to do whats wrong.

At this point I am going to follow my brain. She is a great girl and deserve someone alot more then me. Maybe one day when I have made my mark and will be able to provide her with the kind of lifestyle she deserve, I will but right now I should really just concentrate on my career. Damn she still looks great though, can’t believe I dated her for so long. At least it was great memories, except for the stupid things we used to fight about.

She is working now in the hospital and earns an entry salary of 60k a year. WTF man.. hahah that is bloody impressive considering she came with no experience. took me nearly 3 years to hit that figure and that is her entry level salary.. actually, i am not sure if its 60 or 35 because it was really loud and she mentioned something about salary sacrifice and hitting 40k. hmm BUT either way, its just the beginning of her career and it takes time to build up experience. glad to see her progressing.

Now, back to me, yes, me since this blog is suppose to be all about me 😀

I have been procrastinating so much its not good. I really have to get my ass moving and finish off my certification.   We headed down to the Go3 convention yesterday and guess what, ITS THE SHITTEST convention for geeks ever. I guess thats what you get for free entry.. Yes i know i am being cheapskate, but hey I am asian, its inbuild within my blood.  well, anyway thats my review for the convention. Pretty shit huh, hahah don’t ever let me write reviews professionally. Its not going to last more then 1 paragraph.

Recent migration to wordpress from blogspot the original blog can still be found at I have link all image sources on the image itself I will always reference my source whenever possible but with so many images floating around the net, it is pretty hard to identify which image belongs to who. If I have not given the source proper credit, inform me and i will correct it immediately


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