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Nefful – the Dumb can’t be healed

People will pay anything as long as there is a good story behind it. Sell a piece of rock and call it magic and people will pay top dollar for it.

someone emailed me this link and I find it interesting enough to share. Especially to a comment one of the user made:

fascinating dialogue. back on topic, has the original poster ever bothered to check or ? there are multiple contact numbers there.

speaking of the website, i noticed that nefful products now include shampoos, conditioners, nutritional supplements, and an EXCLUSIVE nefful clothing line. prices are on the website for anybody interested. also, you can find information on “the nefful business plan”, read “success stories” of the top distributors of nefful products (not stories of successful patient recoveries, mind you), and even register for the 2009 Nefful Gala at the beverly hills hilton (nothing but the best for nefful peddlers).  can somebody say Amway under a (pseudo)-scientific guise?

the real problem lies in the “negative ion science”. the “irrefutable scientific documentation” quotes the New York Times (not even close to a peer-reviewed scientific journal), a USDA study on dust (presumably relating to the ionic air purifiers, which is another hoax that has been documented to increase ozone in ambient air), and finally…here’s the clincher: *one* study in *one* UK hospital showing that negative ions from a *machine* “dramatically reduced” the incidence of infections. by the way, this study was nowhere to be found on PubMed, arguably the single most comprehensive database of scientific literature, be it biological, medical, or otherwise, in the world.  as anybody trained in the sciences know, this data has not been replicated reliably or even demonstrated to *work* in human beings. this is hardly “irrefutable”.

now your mother, friend’s great-uncle, father’s second cousin, or cat may have all tried nefful with success, but this “data” is just that–anecdotal evidence. this data would never hold up under rigorous scientific study. which is fine. there are many things that science has not and cannot prove. but when nefful, inc. spreads all this hogwash about the claimed mechanism of “negative ion technology”, and “educates” all its distributors in this manner, they are propagating deceit. in other words, they are lying. and remember what your kindergarten teacher said about lying? i’ll remind you: it’s bad and misleading and reflects poorly on your character.

so as r “rad” p and Christina C. bicker on about how everybody is “close-minded” and “talking down”, calling people “idiots” and using foul language to scold their internet peers from afar, the facts are there. i am not “talking shit about shit i don’t know”–i’ve clearly pointed out that nefful is misleading the public with shoddy scientific data. 

again, until i see a double-blind placebo controlled study, anything that anybody says is pure marketing.

to put my money where my mouth is: i am a physician and, along with many close relatives, have personally tried nefful in the “proper way” with varying results. by definition, “irrefutable science” cannot work half of the time. i am no longer 
a consumer of nefful products.


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