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Moving back to blogspot

MUAHAHAHAHAHA YES.. i came from blogspot to wordpress 😀

now i am moving back again hahahaha.. after 1 year.. fuk!!!!… ah well.. not like my traffic is that great anyway but honestly i have to say wordpress is way too restrictive. can’t do this, can’t do that.. bah…


Whinging V

Yes, great day for whinging and I HAVE ALOT TO WHING ABT… let me talk abt one thing that everyone fuking hates.. well that fuking paying taxes. Australia is a communistic country. The MORE the earn the MORE u pay to feed to poor. FUK… WHY am I PAYING MORE for things I dun use?  I have to pay 1.5% of my taxable income for stupid medicare levy. WHAT THE FUCK. WHY!!!.. the poor ppl probably use the doctors more.. LET THEM PAY MORE SOBS. This is to the except of those that have worked hard their life… they deserve all the benefits that they have accrued over their lifetime. I can’t stand it when people complain about how the rich earns so much and how they should pay more etc etc.. Well i think they deserve it.. they work hard, study hard, they deserve it.



It just frustrates me that  so many lazy ass sits on their ass, go on the dole, feed off the hardworking ppl and yet they cause so much trouble and social unrest.  This lead to my next topic for whinging. asylum seeker

let them in onces and they will keep coming. Its common sense. Alot of gangs have risen over the years composed of either refugees or descendants of refugees. Letting the asylum seekers into australia will only lead to more gangs and social unrest. Furthermore, what can they do to contribute to Australia? we can’t pay them cheap labour like our other asian counterpart. They probably won’t be able to find work and will resort to violence and crime.

All the ‘saints’ that talks about how inhumane it is dun even pay enough taxes to feel the pain.. probably too dumb to see the social issues it will cause as well. I know they come from a country that suffers poverty but life is never fair. Hey compare to those ppl that are borned with diamond spoons in their mouth, i am fair from lucky.. hey but do u see me asking for a share of their wealth?

Fuking put up a vote on whether should we let them in. BE FAIR AND LISTEN TO THE WILL OF YOUR PEOPLE.



Sri Lankan asylum seekers engage in a hunger strike after their boat broke down on the way to Australia’s Christmas Island, at Cilegon on October 16, 2009 in Merak, Java, Indonesia. Around 260 asylum seekers set off from Malaysia on a large cargo boat bound for Australia, each reportedly paying USD15,000 for their passage, but the craft broke down after 13 days at sea and was intercepted by an Indonesian navy vessel. The asylum-seekers are refusing however to leave their boat and have launched their hunger strike in an attempt to bring international intervention and attention to their plight for a safe have

Hunger strike? well its your fuking life…. why should we care when you take your own life so lightly.


Boring weekend

I would probably be the first person to write how boring their weekend was. Most would write what they have done…. pictures of food they have eaten lalalalalallal. well.. this must have been the most boring that I have had for eons.. No one wanted to go out.. no one wanted to spend money…

Why does this sux? well.. you work monday to friday and you constantly look forward to the weekend and BOOM weekend comes.. you stayed at home. FUCK

Although i have to say.. there isn’t really anything much a person can do in perth.. I call perth land of the dead.. why.. cause its literally the most boring place on the face of this world.. Theres nothing to do,always the same places to eat, same places to club, sames places to drink FOR FUCK SAKE…..

bah bah bah .. yes more whinging….

Most ppl though me and L was going to get back together when they saw us together.. heheheh bit of a commotion here and there.. well.. I really doubt thats going to happen but yet its really hard to keep it as friends… Not sure how she feels but i will probably wait to see if she calls to go out rather then asking her out.

I have also recently been talking to a prc chick.. how i met her? well.. weird story hehehe.. here it goes..

Recently I was applying some sort of visa for me dad, sponsoring him to get his ass here.. while i was there, there was this chick there.. hmm as i didn’t pay for parking.. i told her to help me check for parking warden and give me a shout if she sees one. few days later, she called asking for more info such as my pay slip, bank account details passport etc etc….. we got friendly and started sending heaps of email.. and now.. yes.. we chat quite a fair bit..but but but she is attached hahaha.. dammit.. but it sure is strange how friendly she got.. perhaps looking for a backup.. well, I dun really have dumb written on my forehead.. not all guys are that stupid.

Today having dim sum with my family, i noticed alot of white man with chinese girls… dressed like prc, mainlanders.. well.. these suckers don’t know what they are getting themself into.. GOOD LUCK 🙂 soon we will hear lots of stories about all these cheated lonely man heheheh

check out these girls trying to marry themself out of their country.. kekek.. they will have to pay me to do that .hahahahah


This  image is so wrong in so many ways lol

Recent migration to wordpress from blogspot the original blog can still be found at I have link all image sources on the image itself I will always reference my source whenever possible but with so many images floating around the net, it is pretty hard to identify which image belongs to who. If I have not given the source proper credit, inform me and i will correct it immediately


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