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Australia and its robin hood economy

Thats right, once again its tax time and once again hear me rant. With all the buzz going around carbon tax and all the taxes Australians are paying, I thought it would be a great time to start ranting.

Firstly, does the robin hood(progressive tax) system work? Tax the rich to feed the poor. Well for a start, it closes the gap between the rich and poor. Secondly, it feeds the poor. Introduce more taxes like carbon tax as a reason to tax the rich even more while not really affecting the poor since they get rebate and other monetary incentives. So why are so many Australians complaining. Those people earning over 80k a year should be the ones complaining.

Now, why is this not fair? firstly, what happened to equal right? it  is obviously not very equal when someone who is in the higher tax bracket have to pay alot more tax.

Secondly, it gives absolutely no incentive for anyone to work harder except to pay more taxes.

Thirdly, since the people who had worked harder, paid more taxes, paid more medicare levy, flood tax, gst, carbon tax BLAH BLAH BLAH should be entitled to more benefits? Like priority queues in government hospital or their vote shouldbe counted as 2 vote. I guess the answer is no since the rich and poor are suppose to be equal?

Wait, hang on, if rich and poor are suppose to be equal, why are the rich paying more taxes?


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