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Martial arts

I wonder if those wu ling gao shou(martial arts experts) in those oldern days shows like demi gods, semi devils, or dragon sabre and heavenly swords go dutch when they eat and drink? I can’t imagine cheung wu ji or ling hu cheong eating in the inn and they ask their “brother” for 5 silver.

cheung wu ji: oi that dinner and wine cost 10 silver so u own me 5 silver

hot chick: what the fuck u stingy scumbag

cheung wu ji: who ask you to order that nu er hong(superior chinese wine)

hot chick: I was trying to get drunk so that u can have sex with me idoit

cheung wu ji: pay up now or i will use my nine sun palm on you. I am now number 1 and i can have any chicks i want


Heheh yer yer, you can guess now I have obviously be watching alot of the  fighting hk tv dramas.  In fact I have been watching shitload of shows from movies to dramas. Actually, come to think of it. I don’t think I have ever seen such a scene in any of the series. Who pays the bills? Damn it, i wanna live in those fantasy world where everyone looks so perfect and everyone is actually normal. unlike the society that we lives in. I see so many weird people all the time or perhaps I am the werid one and everyone is normal. which is which >.<


Another stupid chain mail that should go to hell

who ever starts this should go to hell for using the disabled to satisfy their retarded, weird needs.

























If you delete this … you seriously don’t have a heart..

I am a 29 year old father. Me and my wife have had a wonderful life together. 
God blessed us with a child too. Our daughter’s name is Rachel, and she is 10 years old. 
Not long ago the doctors detected brain cancer and in her little body.
Sadly, we don’t have enough money to pay the price. AOL and ZDNET have agreed to help us. 
The only way they can help us is t! his way, I send this mail to you and you send it to other people. 
AOL will track this email and count how many people get it.
Every person who opens this email and sends it to at least 3 people will give us 32 cents. 

Please help us. Sincerely 

(Even though you will be contributing 32 cents by sending this e-mail to others, please send your prayers.. Because our God is able to deliver…he can make a way out of no way.. If you have love for this child of God, please remember her in your prayers and send this e-mail to others.) 


More emails Yes yes,

I think these are old and I have posted something like this before. I think they are bread or some pastry or something along that line. The email says 

I*_(^%&$%$^(*&)*()   .. thats how I interpret indian words hahaha




Australian dollars

What more can I say. It suxs now. I saw a advert for tickets to singapore for 335 return including tax. BUT I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH ANNUAL LEAVE…zzz whats worse is that aussie dollars suck to bad now its not really worth while to travel. I still remembers years ago when I was young. The rates was like 1 oz== 1.7 sg. Man, those were the days. Now its one to one.

furthermore, I don’t really want to take any annual leaves incase I lose my jobs. No one is safe in this economy downturn unless your dad is Mr gate.  There are always companies that do well in times of recession such as 

Mental asylum, Blizzard(world of warcraft), Cheap food supermarket, budgest shop etc etc.

Blizzard is doing well because all these fuckers who earns like a 100k a year in the mines lost their jobs and all they can afford now is $20 a month entertainment. Do I sound jealous? pff

I started this blog hoping for good traffic but at the rate it is going, I doubt that is going to happen hahah. time for look for another alternative. Maybe someone might actually pay me for my hairy ass.

The red light district must have prosper too in this recession. People can’t afford expensive release and search for cheaper alternative hehehe. Even the porn industry now needs the government’s help to keep it alive. The problem with porn is that it is too easy to get it for free now, no one will pay. Thats right cheapskates, I am talking about you.


How cheap is cheap

This is most probably old news for some but it stills never cease to amaze me how extreme girls can be when it comes to sex. Like I mean we have the extreme conservative type where u have to be married to have sex and most probably end up marrying a star fish. hehe … and when i said star fish, i mean a dead star fish, where she just lies there arm leg open and thats it…. hahahaha












And on the other hand, we have the extreme slut who would screw for a bottle of coke. I recall years ago when i was still in high school, i went down into the city and was at the train station late at night. I was having a smoke when a really young blonde female approach me. she looks scruffy and dirty but still decently pretty. she said something that shocked me. mind you i was like 16 or 17 then.

she: “Can i have a spare smoke” 

I: “No sorry”

she:  “I will give you a blow job if you give me one”

I: “Nope”

I am not showing how almighty i am. I was just to shocked and scared to say anything else then hahahahaha. but i will still say no for obvious reason.  I saw some guys standing beside me approach her when she walked away and i saw them walking into the carpark hahahaha.

sex for free room, i won’t be surprised if theres a lot of young trash taking up the offer.












what also surprises me are these mega hardcore porn star. come on seriously, if you are a girl, you look hot, you can easily hook a man decent enough if you use your brain abit. why be a porn star? why degrade yourself so badly. I mean like some of these girls are seriously hot and even better then some movie stars. why shame yourself to the whole, letting guys poke your bum bum, spit slap and degrade you so badly. If only I truely know one of these porn star so that i can ask these kind of question in person.

I was told this by a friend of my when i was back in singapore. Not sure how true this is but it won’t be something that surprise me. A friend’s friend, let call him P for pervert. Mr P gets to have sex with lots of girls since he reach puperty.  No, Mr P is not a charmer, neither is he good looking. Neither is he filthy rich but he is decently well off.  And his technique?

LV, gucci, versace, armani blah blah blah.  So in other words, you can make “her” open her legs for lets say an average of 1000.  Still feels cheap, as in like a slut cheap cheap. even though that is pretty high if you compare somwhere like geylang that cost maybe 50-100?  hmm where or what is geylang?

geylang have  3 of the things lots of men enjoys. 

1: cheap easy young girls for your pick at a low low rate

2: seriously great food.




























































Popular house-share website has been inundated with ads offering free rent in exchange for services. 

One ad states: “Free furnished room in three-bedroom house for a broadminded female sharing with one single attractive Oz guy, what can you offer me for it !?!” 

One is even more transparent stating: “Free to sexy lady only … large bedroom near Perth.” 

The ads are becoming increasingly common on share-house websites, with people taking advantage of the tight rental market. 

Other ads offer a room in exchange for more mainstream services such as handyman help.

Although there have been numerous complaints about the ads, which some website users have dubbed “offensive”, they do not breach policy guidelines for sites such as 

A statement on says that if the site were to impose a ban, the ads would merely go underground, making the process unsafe for women. 

One advertisement in Sydney offering free rent for a female to “share a room” was placed by a 32-year-old Auburn man calling himself Atiq. 

Atiq told The Sunday Telegraph he was looking for a relationship with a woman in a “clean” one-bedroom unit. 

“Yes, I am alone and the rent would be free. I am looking for a girl to share my room and, yes, in the same bed,” he said. 

Atiq said he had migrated from Pakistan eight months ago and that a friend had placed the ad for him. 

“I’m not that kind of person,” he said. “But, yes, it would possibly involve sex.” 

Atiq said a number of women had responded to the ad but he had not yet found anyone suitable. 

A similar ad on read: “$0 to share flat, wanted flatmate/girlfriend to share unit in Griffith, ACT. 

“Free accommodation in exchange for relationship.” 

Another ad, for a Melbourne townhouse, offered “free rent for someone special: instead of rent, I am looking for someone to help me with certain needs/requirements on a regular basis”. 

After complaints, issued a statement on why it continued to run such ads. 

“Sometimes, it’s pretty clear it’s for sex,” the statement said. 

“Yes – there is a rental crisis. We have had a few complaints about these ads. 

“Our policy is to let them stay, on the basis it’s better for these ads to be upfront with what they are offering than disguise the offer.”


Good things are hard to come by.

This post doesn’t make any sense ahahahah, please ignore it and read it if and ONLY IF u are really THAT BORED you will read anything hehe. 

I have always believe that good things are hard to come by. Not only that, you tend to treasure it more.  For me, i am someone who will work really hard for something that i really want. but on the same token, if i can carry it, i can drop it easily. Some of my relationship last a long time and some for couple of weeks for the same reason. 

I guess thats why alot of girls like to play hard to get. kk.. lets not talk abt girls/boy/animal whatever your preference is. Lets talk about work. If you are soeone who have always been lucky, finding jobs after jobs, do you really treasure your work?

I remember when I first found work. I was so happy and thankful to those who had help and given me a chance.

Lets talk about food and water. Are you ever thankful for your food?

I used to take all the food that I have enjoyed in singapore for granted before I came here.  Now, I miss it so much 😦  so much so that if I ever go back, its because of the food and my families that are still in sg.

Christians pray everyday before their meal as a gentle reminder to themself. I am not a christian therefore I don’t believe in thanking god for the daily food. But I really should wake up every morning and remind myself that life have not been bad to me. Although I am not rich like gates, although I don’t look like david beckham, although i am not smart like einstein I do lead a fairly enjoyable life.

Anyway.. i don’t know what is the reason of this post. hahahah eeee its just some random thoughts. 

Looking back at my earlier post, I can see that I have been very slack hahahaah.. most of the time just posting up some random emails and shit

ya ya i know but that is beacuse in the past, there was plenty of time to sit down and think of what to write. Now, when i reach home, i am on a “can’t be fuked mode”.

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