Pregnant Teen

I saw a really hot pregnant teen today catching the train with shopping bags. what can i say.. dumb? lucky? slut? poor soul? unlucky? sucker? awww? damn?

dunno.. actually.. really lost for words. I really wonder what goes through their mind. she was heavily plastered in makeup, wearing short skimpy dress, tight top. aye… not a good impression. reminds me of Jamie Lynn Spears, sister of Britney Spears. why did she do it? cause her sister is famous/richer/dumber/sluttier and Jamie felt compelled to out do her sister Britney?

spearsForever labelled as a dumb whore is never a good thing but then however, she did receive much more publicity from this sooooo perhaps she does have a really high IQ and is just hiding behind that dumb blonde(omg hot) face of hers?

who knows…but if you are pregnant with a mega rich tycoon, i can understand… i mean just the alimony.. esp in countries like australia and america where rich man get sucked dry (literally) from divorces. On the other hand, who are we as man to judge slutty woman. In fact, perhaps we should be paying tribute to them. I mean, they have given countless hours of pleasures to many man except for me of course. When sluts sees me, they stop, turn 180 degrees around and run as fast as they could for some reason. I know I know, i am not rich/attractive/huge 10 inch penis/beefcake/funny etc etc but i have a good heart and a working penis. really!!

I thought all they needed to fuel them is a working penis!!! Don’t believe me? well, any hot chick is welcomed to test it out.


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