Finally a update

muahah i know i know.. it has been a while..

I have been either really busy or really tired hence the lack of updates.

Some update on my work

Well, what can i say, the office i worked in, the ppl are full of shit.. literally .. every single fuking time i go wee wee theres always someone pooing and it fuking stinks. come on guys.. can’t you poo at home?

Secondly, you spend more time in meetings then doing work… seriously


Thirdly the pay is good hahaha. this makes all the stinky toilet trips worthwhile.

Fourthly, i have been driving to work. i got lazy 😀 i took the train for 1 month and now i am just sick of catching the train. Its going to be worst in summer, wearing suit and catching the train definitely won’t be fun but one great thing is theres plenty of chicks to perv at 😀

Some update on my life

i went drinking with some friends over the weekend and nearly picked up a milf 😀 40 year old mum with 2 grown up kids 😀 muahahah i was too drunk so pls forgive me.. And, i also saw linda with all the friends that i used to know like her brother and their friends.. weird? yes it was. sad am i? no.. not really.. dun get me wrong, i still care for her, since after all we have been together for so long. but disappointing enough, she avoided me, didn’t bother saying hi etc etc….i got absolutely trashed and was puking till the sun rises… weak and hardcore == bad combination

Ah well…another event that is abt to come to my life is my trip to china :D.. i am going to china with around 15 friends from sg.. ALL BOYS muahaha.. bound to be fun. i changed a few k to RMB last week and was rewarded with a thick wad of notes.  i feel like  a rich man.. 1 aussie == 6 RMB (my rate at the bank was 5.43)

why changed at the bank? cause i am scared of fake notes..haiz


Not sure if i had updated on my studies as well.. i withdrew from MPA at uwa and will possibly be enrolling in MBA. Why MBA? dunno hahahah maybe because every fuking ppl i spoke to at work have either got it or are working towards it. I have to stay competitive.

I feel like i am progressing in the right path, the pay is good, the work is okish, the people are great and professional BUT i lack security but sometimes we just have to wait and see what happens and if anything better comes up.

Another thing that is completely out of context here is a really great beautiful chick send me pics of her in a very compromising position. I have to say even though i have seen heaps of naked chicks (porn, gf etc etc) this has to be the most erotic one. Why? i think its a mentality thingy, since firstly i know her, secondly i will never get to sleep with her, thirdly she young and hot and lastly she left alot to the imagination yet enough to let you piece the right pictures in your mind muahaha….

now time for some random rambling

KARMA.. do u believe in it?


I do and I think i am suffering for it now for all the bad things I have done esp to ppl that truely cared abt me and ppl i have really hurt. Sorrie jinyu and the rest 😦 i dun wanna say names as perth is too small. well, now all of you should be glad that i have officially the worst few years of my life with the ladies and the dry spell just keeps on coming. Wheres all the decent desirable single girls? I have a theory. Because we are in a western country, chinese are a minority here hence those that are good would most probably would have been taken. Secondly from the first reason we can derive that we are left with the leftovers.  Thirdly because of our age range doesn’t leave us with alot of choices because of the first 2 reasons :D….. I also notice another trend in perth. No matter how bad a girl looks, she is always attached, even to some pretty good looking guys (yes i know, thats a pretty gay statement). Why? Because theres a unfair ratio of boys to girls 😀

Looking back at my life, my “first” gf  Jin would have been the best match for me but unfortunately timing is bad as when we hooked up, we were still quite young. now she is already married and i am sure whoever married her is a very lucky sun of a *****. why the *, i meant bitch

Karma, haiz,.. what comes around goes around..if this is what i have to pay for the things i have done, i shall accepted it. I have to say though, my life have always greatly improved whenever i am single. last gf i had, company went into liquidation. When i was with linda, i was poor as fuk struggling to make ends meet. with Jin, i was in NS and i dropped out of uni for 1 year..

Now that i am single, my house is nearly paid off, my pay have doubled and my shares are doing okish.




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