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A walk in memory lane

I was telling a friend about this story that was brought back to memory a while back.  When I was in my teen, during my high school days back in singapore, I was pretty much a gangster wanna be. Although I have to say I have done things where caught I would most probably be spending a decade of my life in prison. I have been lucky enough to never been caught and would never attempt these dumb actions again. I quit school when I was 14. yes, i know.. very dumb and spend most of my free time bumming around at a friends house  doing nothing. We got so bored we were playing big2 😀

2 boys bored with nothing to do. We decided to make the game more exciting by making a pact. Loser will have to run naked to the lift, press the button for the lift and wait there naked till the lift arrive and the door opens. It was around 1 am and the area was quiet as a cemetry. there is like a 99% chance that the lift would be empty. 🙂

My friend Aaron lost the bet and being the man we were, he fulfilled his promise. he ran to the lift naked, press the button and I was standing there smiling 🙂 The lift arrive and we waiting in anticipation. Me, hoping for a chick and him hoping it would be empty. Well, I got my wish 🙂 it really was a chick, a old one but still a chick.

It was his grandma coming back home from majiong. Something that we both neglected to take into consideration of that possibility.

Ahhhh, what a wonderful day that was.

What has the pic above got to do with this? Nothing :0

Another funny thing that we done was we saw a bunch of gangsters wanna be sitting downstairs in the park. Actually it was 2 boys and 2 girls. We call them ah lians and ah bengs

So being as bored as we were, we filled a plastic bag full of piss, some shit(courtesy of Aaron), some soya sause, oyster sause, baby talcum powder and god knows whatever. Carefully analysed, measured and aimed for a direct hit in the middle of the group downstairs. we missed the spot but were not far off. ahhh the delighted anger of the audiences downstairs.

We got so bored we were doing things that we will probably look back 10 years later and laugh in our own face (sounds like right now). We spray a bathroom full of insecticide because we  found a centipede in it. Aaron decided to end its miserable life by burning it. NOT a very smart thing to do when the bathroom was full of insecticide. Did you know that they are highly flamable? Well, I found out that day. Aaron lost his brows and I lost my voice laughing so hard.

We pretty much did the standard stuff that bored ppl do. Shoplifting from 7-11 for beer and frozen chicken. Kicking motocycles down. loitering around void decks in marine parade. Thats where he lives.

Talk alot of shit and did fuk all. Watch heaps of porn 🙂 I know.. pretty gay, 2 boys at puberty watching porn together.  Aaron was pretty good with girls and me on the other hand have been a complete failure. I had a really late start with girls but I realise 1 thing, when you have cupid shinning on you, theres no stopping you. the girls keep coming but when cupid is pissed at you, you pretty much have to take heaps of cold shower.

Right now, I think cupid is very very pissed at me.

Angry Cupid

Looking back, I am very thankful for my mum, carrying me back up to my feet, giving me a education and leading me from muddy path in life to one which is filled with opportunities. she has always been my beacon and once again thanks mum.  If not for her and whoever it was in heaven that is shinning down on me, barring me from a life in prison to what I am today.



I am pretty sure its a singaporean that came up with TGIF. They have a really high tendency to shorten everything they can. In fact i think the shorter they can abbreviate anything, the higher their sense of achievement is.

Anyway, while I am waiting to sign my new contract with Beacon, I have been sitting in the office restlessly. I have lost all motivation and have adopted a fuk care attitude. I know its bad but i really can’t help it. Working here have been very frustrating for various reasons.

  • We hardly develop anything == professional sucide.
  • Too much office politics
  • No trust from management
  • Too many ppl I know that also knows alot of my dirty little secrets (curious?)
  • lack of production environment
  • lack of discipline
  • lack the use of advance development technology
  • too much restriction (can you believe i need to log a ticket to get anything installed?)

So you might ask, what the fuck have I been doing? IPHONE of course. Looking at ways to customize it.

Ihsiu introduced me to winterboard, an application on iphone that allows you to change the theme 🙂

Above are samples of the theme you can download, ALL FOR FREE 😀

But for all of these to work, you will be required to jailbreak your iphone.

I use purplera1n to jailbreak my phone.(3GS 16G), after that, cydia for everything else.

So what is everyone gonna do for their weekends? hope you guys all have something special planned. I have heard good and bad news from everyone around me. The best news would be my sister is FINALLY FUCKING PREGNANT 😀 i am definitely looking forward to be a uncle. This time my niece and nephew will be made in australia. I hold Sheryn and James (my niece and nephew) close to my heart but THEY ARE TOO FAR AWAY. ALL the way in SINGAPORE. I am the only one left in the family that is not wanted by anyone. sadly.  People say fate will bring your partner to you. Some ppl told me when your career is doing well, your love life goes down the drain. Perhaps true.

wheres my CUPID U IDOIT, Shoot some arrows here pls 🙂


First day back in uni

what can i said other then very disappointing.  When i was doing my bachelor, my class was full of smart ppl. And now doing masters, you would expect brighter ppl but guess WHAT? Most of these ppl can’t even speak english. come on man.. seriously wtf. They made a english test compulsory just to review the standard of the student’s english. Shouldn’t the uni make sure they have some sort of english competency level before allowing admittance?

We had to introduce ourself  on our first day and so many of the ppl there had a freaking law degree. so what are you doing in accounting? doing 1 unit in law doesn’t make you a lawyer. Its like  me doing a unit of physic, does that make me a physician? pff

Anyway, we were randomly assigned into groups for group assignment. In my team, theres 3 non english(barely) speaking china student and 1 blonde. Hot blonde but still blonde therefore I have decided to throw 20% of my group assignment away. Most of the students there are there because most probably they can’t find a job with their current bachelor hence everyone think it will be easier to find job with a accounting degree.

Wait, have i bitch about this on the last post? damn I did, well too bad 😀

I will be thinking long and hard about what I wanna do and perhaps change my course to MBA rather then accounting.  what happened UWA, you used to be cool.

Work have been a real drag recently. Alot of configurations, data cleansing, data mapping all to prepare ourself for migrating the business model to EPICOR. what is epicor? google will tell you 🙂

I have met alot of great ppl at work and I think I am going to miss them 😦 but its time to move on.  Stayin where i am right now is professional sucide. Its comfortable, its permanant but end of the day, its knowledge and experience that brings the food to the table.  I believe in professional and personal growth.


My Car



In my dream last night 🙂


Marks favorite motivational pics








Can you shit?

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I want that line to tie my gf


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