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God’s algorithm in pairing a male or female

Or in some cases, a male and male (ewwwww!!), a female and female (yummy!!). Nothing against gay but I can’t imagine putting my dick in some hairy ass.

Well, I think god is fair in his own rights. Every man can be assigned a value based on his wealth, success, family background, looks, charisma etc. Based on these points, he will probably get a partner of similar value.

Recently, my wife’s cousin in singapore married a Vietnamese woman.  Someone who is old (46) , jobless, houseless, carless, careerless marries a young and beautiful wife, seriously, what does he expect? Does he expect his wife to be homely, caring, obedient etc?  More then likely she marries him for the rights to continue staying in singapore.

If you want a beautiful wife that will listen to your every whimp, you have to be Hugh Hefner.

Well, thats where he is complaining now, saying how she ignores him,  how she continue working in a bar/pub accompanying other man to drink( and surely something else on the side?), how she spends money like nothing etc. well.. honestly i do not know what is he complaining about?

for starters, she earns more then him, feeds herself, is young and pretty and he gets free fuck all that for the price of a signature. If you ask me, I think he got himself a bargain.

This is another proof of evolution, human of better quality tend to mate together. The movie pretty woman where Richard Gere (a rich man) marrying a prostitute(Julia Robert) is well….. just a movie.  With all that wealth he will probably be sleeping with super models like Donald trump.


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