getting Hitched

Yes, I am getting married.. woo hooo.. do you care? nah i don’t think so hehe but i would like to give my 2 cents on my marriage.

Firstly… i don’t feel anything but that doesn’t means i am not happy. I don’t feel anything because marriage is just a piece of paper and i need this paper to apply pr visa for my partner.  I have to admit though, the most exciting part for me up until now is when I proposed. When i kneel down on my knees in the hotel room and showed my partner a flash animation that I made for her and asked her to marry me.  She kept me waiting while she took her time crying made me all the more nervous because I was waiting for either a Yes or a No.

Secondly, it is a very expensive affair. The wedding we were thinking of hosting is small and made up of only close friends and family but it is still expensive considering we have to pay for accommodations for friends and families that travelled to singapore for the wedding.  I am not rich and every penny spend on the wedding are hard earned savings. I calculated that I will need to work 3 month , working 2 jobs as I do right now and NOT SPEND A SINGLE CENT on anything to save up to celebrate 1 night.  I am very lucky because right now i have 2 jobs that both pays well. But if you take an average person working in singapore lets say earning 3.5k a month. That fucker will have to work 7 month WITHOUT  SPENDING A SINGLE CENT ON ANYTHING to save up for his wedding. That is fuking ridiculous. I guess no one ever think and appreciate how much goes into weddings.

Once again end of financial year is here and looking at my bank account, I still have nothing. That is  very sad considering I am earning more then twice the australian medium income this financial year. What am I doing!!!


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