Dirty blog

well.. my blog recently got banned cause it was linking to a dodgy website but honestly, i am really surprise at how nice and efficient the ppl at wordpress are. Thanks heaps mark for clarifying everything 😀

So alot of thing have been going on around me.

Firstly I sat for the cisco unity implementation specialist exam and aced it. 967/1000 😀

Secondly, I have decided to go contract instead of permanantly.

well, the pro for going contract is

  • I will be earning twice what I earn now
  • project based with a major company in perth == good for resume
  • working with the best ppl in the industry or at least that what i was told
  • Working in the CT meaning better food? more choices?

Con is

  • have to suit up…
  • have to take the train to work..
  • more pressure and no annual leave
  • no sick leave
  • no super
  • no security

The main worry I have is the job security. When my contract finishes, i am back to looking for work/contract. That is why I have taken the following task to migitate the risk

Sitting for the scea exam 😀

Going back to uni doing master of accounting

University of Western Australia

Why accounting? I wanted to diversify my knowledge and have a better understanding on different industry. Well, today was my first day back in uni and honestly, i have to say i am very disappointed in the class. Why? The class is full of ppl that can’t even speak nor write proper english. what happened to uwa? what happened to the standard? when I was undertaking bachelor there, most of the ppl i met were smart and were able to converse fluently in ENGLISH. BUT NOW.. its full of numb nuts

Last and not least, I bought the iphone as well hahaha. I succumbed to temptation and follow the yuppy apple trend.

I spend the weekend uploading apps and these are the apps I find very useful


Cnn Rss





Google earth




What do they do? pretty straightforward for some and for the others you will have to google it 😀

Enjoy 🙂


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