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Hot white bitch



Such a cutie pie. Know why they say that dogs are loyal and man’s best friend? No matter how you treat them, they always wait for you happily at the dog whenever you get home. recently got another offer from another company which made a pretty good offer to me and I simply can’t say no. They deal mainly with IP telephony and I will start there in the new year as a programmer. Very structured and organized and they use some of the most expensive technology which I believe is good exposure. Anyway enough about me.

more on my loving family :p


Damn, can’t see little James in there



everyone is too busy eating .. haiz..  Have a Merry christmas and a Happy new year everyone


got my keys

HIPPY DO DAA, not like anyone that reads this cares but my house is done. It have certainly taken a long time to built it. Took about a year. Noted that because property value have drop drastically in the last few months, its a lost in terms of investment. But since hindsight is always 6/6 and since we are not intending on moving anytime soon, I don’t really care.

Anyway I have created another blog and its host my thoughts on the .NET framework that I will be working intensively on for the next year at least. No point reading it if you are not in this industry though 😛

will post some pictures up of the house this weekend.

Ciao ciao


Game addiction to the extreme

So far would you go in order to play game. I mean for me when I was hooked on wow, I skip meals, i lost all social life, perhap even lost my gf cause i didn’t shower for a few days and asked for sex.  But hey… I am sure you can’t be more extreme then this.

Basically his dad took away his halo 3 game.. and he did what every game addict have to do. He kills them both and ran away … WITH HALO ARMED IN HIS HAND

What a champ.. so what are u going to do with your halo 3 now? pretty sure u either need a console or a pc to play the game. So you reckon u will be able to play the game in prison? EAT SHIT MISTER

That is pretty extreme. So whats going to happen next?  I mean kids are seriously spoiled right now. I see kids crying and screaming, hands flailing around wilding like some retarts. fucking wheres the cane, btw have i mention that the cane is still the best cure for ADD(attention deficit dipshit).

I have been so busy its not funny, with all the things I have to do and learn. Its definitely eating into my personal life.  I am currently in negotiation for another contract which will pay me 110/hour and possibly more. If i can get enough of these work going, that means I might even be able to employ people in the future for like 30 dollars an hour and really start something concrete. For now, these will keep me busy on the side and bring in the extra dollars

Wish me luck guys 🙂


New Member to the family

Let me introduce you to bruce and charlie first


charlie is the white furball and bruce is the dawg on the right. They have been in the family for 8 and 5 years respectively

and now they have a new sister!!!!





I JUST WOKE UP SO CONCENTRATE ON THE DOG PLS. The poor baby have been crying as she is missing her family. She have 2 brothers and 1 more sister. Sorry sunday to have to split you up from your family but I promise from now on, you will be part of our small but loving family.  We love you already as you obviously should have noticed by now.

The little bugger is still so full of curiosity and running around biting and chewing anything she can get her teeth on.  Charlie bit on the speaker wire before and shock himself. From then on, he have never even been close to any wires anymore :p

I actually have a proper digital camera around but mobile phone is just more convenient. haiz.





What happen to BBNet

Only 3 of us left for the time being,  Steve, Simon and yours truly me. we got bored so we decided to move things around





See the small cubicle on the top left side? there where i shift out to from my office on the top right side

we decided to bunch up together so that we won’t feel too lonly :p

We shifted the TV out from the director’s office, hook up a computer to it + fridge, microwave and water cooler :p

we stock it up with chips chocolate and lollies 😀 ahhh.. thats how a working office should be like :p



I manage to buy another LCD tv from the boardroom for 500 bucks 😀 I think its a good bargain. The TV have only ever been used twice and it was me who used it once to watch movie :p. I bought my work computer for 50 dollars as well as another solid cabinet for 100 😀

Bargain galour.. don’t you just love liquidation 😛




Sex education

Do you remember the days when your school gave you sex education? well, i don’t.. i briefly remember something about a girl and a boy and that babies are not made from cabbages. LOL

What I remember though is I have seen girls bleeding on their ass.. or at least thats what I thought it is huahaa.

I also remember a very old friend and current friend of my in singapore that I used to catch the bus with. We had a very interesting conversation on the bus one day.

Him: wei did you know that rub your gugu bird (penis) up and down, something will come out?

Me: huh? what do you mean.

Him: (demonstrates with his finger)

Me: issit? what will come out?

Him: something white.. and it feels damn shiok (good)

Me: issit? okie okie i go try

Ahh my first exposure to the dark side….the dark side is strong and powerful. I thought they would at least let me see some hot naked chick in sex education instead of some lame stupid picture which i could have easily drawn better ones but i am glad i am not in russia or is it german. This is their sex education.








Seriously disturbing hey… geeze


Where am i heading

Few options have turned up for me. I was offered 2 jobs to go to but I have pretty much decided where I am headed. I went this morning for a group interview as a croupier at burswood casino. Hmm the pay is pretty shit imo. 16 bucks an hour while training and 20 dollars and hour after 3 months probation. I think the liquidation of the company may truely be a blessing in disguise for me.

Firstly, I have been offered a new job that allows me to change my direction in my career path. Secondly I get a nice tidy sum of pay out :P. Thirdly, I have gain a contract where I maintain some software for a civil engineering company for 80 dollars an hour.

The biggest change around for me would also be it really changed my view and thoughts on where  I want to head in the future.  But for the time being, there are a few project that i need to complete urgently.

-website that sells computer parts. (yes, a small project on the side btw 2 more friends of my who happen to be able to get parts cheap)   with content management

-web application written in silverlight (for experience) that does online invoicing, biling and reports. will be open to the public as who knows what door it may open. I need to do this asap as  i need to be able to bill my client … i refused to use those dodgy $5 dollar invoice notebook to scan and email invoice. that is shit.

-another website project that i have undertaken. This will be piss easy as it will be a static website 😀  might try 😀

FUCK so many website project…zzzzzzzzzzzz…I am still comptemplating on the language of choice. I have experiece in jsp/struts/jboss, php and asp coding. I am leaning towards either php or asp as they are easily hosting on a windows machine.

k all sounds like rubbish to some people.. sorry 😦

I was so bored after I quit wow and now its like time is never enough. gtg ciao ciao

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