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Yes, i have been shopping and have been doing for a while now. I am thinking of getting a new car but am torn between buying a luxury car or a sports car.  With my budget, i can only afford like a 320 BM or a Audi A4 maybe? which means its going to have shitty power and its going to be automatic. Alternatively I can get like a type S integra or a rx-8. They won’t be brand new, perhaps around 2004-2005.  Theres also the Z4 or the Audi TT.

It is a hard decision to make because I know buying cars are a complete waste of money. Its a shit investment and its hard to justify buying one but I am be quite persuasive esp when the person i am trying to convince is myself. I have not really ever work hard, earn my own money to buy my own car. This will be my first 🙂

Luxury car vs japanese car..hmm one big diff is the maintanance cost for service and insurance. All I need right now is to win the lottery  and all my worries will be gone 🙂



such a rainy day with crazy wind and ice falling from the sky. I have always had a thing for bad weather. The blacker the sky, the crazier the wind with thunder roaring, the better 🙂

I recall I used to sit near my window whenever it rains and just sit there looking at the sky

192361305_4ad870b110452392668_7ba9ebcfd4bad-2dweather-2d24-resizebad weather 2-bwbad weatherlightning behind house


Flirty woman

Damn they are annoying cause they toy with your mind. Some guys are good judge of female and I am personally horrible in it. I always read the wrong sign. Whereas some guys like my ex-manager steve, one look and he can tell you whether a girl is a cockteaser or not.


why this post? well, i had a hair cut yesterday and  there was this new hairdresser call maurice i think.. can’t really remember the name cause i am bad with names damn…. looks alright and was very friendly. It was the first time i met her and she was like touching my arms alot and talking to me while lisa was blowing me. I mean blow drying..dun be dirty.

She was most probably just being friendly but after that haircut, i can’t help thinking.. hmm how will she be like as a girlfriend and it just keep popping in my mind. This is the reason why in my whole life i have never had any female friends cause either my friends will be interested or i will be. furthermore females are annoying as friends. Seriously like they are bitcher and definitely not as easy to get along with. Giving an example. guy friends are so easy.. call them up and ask “hey wanna go x”, guy will most probably go hmm okie or nah.. can’ tbe fuk.


girls on the other hand, either they will give a stupid excuse if not interested or will be like asking 101 questions before they say yes. this is going out as a group not a fuking date.  Guys can pretty much talk abt anything with no restrain but some females likes to “act innocent”,  easily disgusted by certain topics or get offended easily with shit sense of humour. The only female I find great talking to is julee but sadly we are oceans apart and i have never met her in real life. perhaps its because i know she is way too young or perhaps she can be more like a man then some of the males i have met.

I find myself very emotionless when it comes to chasing females. i don’t really care if they are not interested neither do i care what the fuk happen to them but the problem starts after a few months into a relationship. I get so involved that everything I do, they will always come first. This is bad because it clouds my judgement and changes alot of priorities in my life. for example, career and my family have always top my list but because of an ex gf that i had, i was ready to dump all that. i hate myself for certain decisions i have done and I swear to myself I will never do that again.  esp as my mum had the accident, it makes me appreciate all the things my family have done for me and they have always been the one there for me.

gf and friends are very volatile relationships and it can end just like that. look back at all your close friends you’ve had in the pass. Are you still as close as it was now?


what some man thinks

This topic came up yesterday when me and a few guys head for the pub to have a few drinks before i leave the company. What kinda girls do guys want. And the conclusion? it depends on the phase the guy is in. Note this does not apply to all guys. Well.. you can catagorize girls into 2 catagory. One for fun and one for marriage.  if you can find one that is both fun and good for marriage, thats call a keeper and you are one lucky guy.

I am currently 29 so obviously financial and mentally ready for marriage. whereas if the boy was still 18, he obviously wouldn’t think that far and just get whatever he can bonk.  what we define fun girls as would be hopefully hot, slim, voluptuous, fun, basically anything that makes the eye pleasing 🙂 Note, the IQ of the girl here doesn’t really matter.


Whereas for marriage, its all about how comfortable, how well you click, basically more on personality and intelligence of your counterpart. I am sure this applies to both sexes. I am sure girls with more then peas for brain will wanna find a guy that can provide financial and emotional stability. This is also why you sometimes find some dumb druggy chick hanging out/marrying the local bogan.

IF you are lucky enough to find one that fits well into both catagory, then you are obviously one lucky ass. Everyone knows that I m looking for a partner right now and honestly have been for a while but its really not that easy. I do not want the local waitress or hairdresser. I do not want any bimbolic dumb chick and honestly want  someone who have some degree of achievement. Having a uni degree means jack all now esp if its a marketing degree. I have no intention of offending any marketing graduates but most of the successful sales managers i have met have nothing close to a marketing degree but instead carry a certain charm plus is also great in lying through their ass and fart through their mouth. Am i desperate?  Not yet, maybe when I am 40 i will be 😀

I still believe the value of a man increases as he age. For example, financially more stable, more asset, more mature and less reliant. furthermore, theres always plenty of girls in china that will marry you to get out of china 🙂 for now anyway until china becomes the next financial superpower. that day will come for sure. China world GDP currently is sitting around 10% and US around 20% but US deficit have been going up for a decade now. China and japan is currently the riches country in the world with massive surplus. At this rate china is growing, we will be buying oil in RMB one day 🙂  …now  back to the main topic 🙂

Now for girls, 🙂 what happens when a girl age. marriage nowadays means fuk all. divorce rate sits at 45% in the US(around there from memory). So married or not, the value of a girl is bound to depreciate when they age. Furthermore, its common for man in 40 marrying girls in 20s meaning they have a market of 60 years (girls btw 20-80)

Whereas for “ladies”, well if you are 40, you can only go up meaning guys between(40years) 40-80.  obviously there are always cases of exception. milf, cougar etc etc 🙂

Well, this is a very chauvinistic post and its purely meant for entertainment. If you disagree, kindly comment 🙂


All the info required to satisfy your perverse needs

Ok, a fair amount of searches such as hot student blonde girl, fat gay man, cheerleader, cfnm, hot ass  brings traffic to this site.   did i say hot ass? well, let me introduce to you the hottest ass on this planet(unless of course you refer monkeys ass or orang utangs ass)


whose ass is that above? 🙂 I will tell you later

in fact, iphone theme searches brings heaps just by having the word iphone in my blog brings traffic keke….i still refuse to write the most popular topic on the web to generate traffic but todays blog will definitely be one of the most search content on the net. PORN

Yes, how to get porn, where is good without trojan, how to do it and as for your happy ending, its up to your discretion. There are currently 2 main way to get it. 1 is via torrent and 1 is via streaming off the net. Streaming is the easiest  and simply just go to the following url  if you are over 18 🙂 and

and as for torrent for the collectors, should be on your bookmark.

Please, for the holy people thats goign to say watching porn is disgusting or you dun need porn cause you have a gf  etc.. please take your act somewhere else. dun tell me seeing your partner naked for 2 years and you are still not sick of it.

k.. hmmmm.. now for the uncles who dun know how to use torrent, its easy. simply download utorrent  from

and install it and you are good to go. if you find that your program is not downloading, it will probably be because your port is block. During installing, it will ask if you wanna put an exception in your firewall, say YES

if it say anything like do you want to use UPNP CLICK YES. that will resolve your port forwarding problem else you will have to follow the instructions below to allow port forward on your router

enjoy 🙂

well, now to reveal whose ass that is, it belongs to a chick name Keyra Agustina.. no nudity so dun bother trying to find naked pics of her.. what happened was she lost a bet and she had to do a tease on the net wearing close to nothing. because her ass was so hot, she became pretty famous 🙂 more pics for your enjoyment

646040Keyra-Agustina-04keyra3keyra-agustina-schoolgirl-thongKeyra Agustina 3keyra-ass


Dubai, tallest building



Fuking dubai again


Recent migration to wordpress from blogspot the original blog can still be found at I have link all image sources on the image itself I will always reference my source whenever possible but with so many images floating around the net, it is pretty hard to identify which image belongs to who. If I have not given the source proper credit, inform me and i will correct it immediately


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