First day back in uni

what can i said other then very disappointing.  When i was doing my bachelor, my class was full of smart ppl. And now doing masters, you would expect brighter ppl but guess WHAT? Most of these ppl can’t even speak english. come on man.. seriously wtf. They made a english test compulsory just to review the standard of the student’s english. Shouldn’t the uni make sure they have some sort of english competency level before allowing admittance?

We had to introduce ourself  on our first day and so many of the ppl there had a freaking law degree. so what are you doing in accounting? doing 1 unit in law doesn’t make you a lawyer. Its like  me doing a unit of physic, does that make me a physician? pff

Anyway, we were randomly assigned into groups for group assignment. In my team, theres 3 non english(barely) speaking china student and 1 blonde. Hot blonde but still blonde therefore I have decided to throw 20% of my group assignment away. Most of the students there are there because most probably they can’t find a job with their current bachelor hence everyone think it will be easier to find job with a accounting degree.

Wait, have i bitch about this on the last post? damn I did, well too bad 😀

I will be thinking long and hard about what I wanna do and perhaps change my course to MBA rather then accounting.  what happened UWA, you used to be cool.

Work have been a real drag recently. Alot of configurations, data cleansing, data mapping all to prepare ourself for migrating the business model to EPICOR. what is epicor? google will tell you 🙂

I have met alot of great ppl at work and I think I am going to miss them 😦 but its time to move on.  Stayin where i am right now is professional sucide. Its comfortable, its permanant but end of the day, its knowledge and experience that brings the food to the table.  I believe in professional and personal growth.


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