I am pretty sure its a singaporean that came up with TGIF. They have a really high tendency to shorten everything they can. In fact i think the shorter they can abbreviate anything, the higher their sense of achievement is.

Anyway, while I am waiting to sign my new contract with Beacon, I have been sitting in the office restlessly. I have lost all motivation and have adopted a fuk care attitude. I know its bad but i really can’t help it. Working here have been very frustrating for various reasons.

  • We hardly develop anything == professional sucide.
  • Too much office politics
  • No trust from management
  • Too many ppl I know that also knows alot of my dirty little secrets (curious?)
  • lack of production environment
  • lack of discipline
  • lack the use of advance development technology
  • too much restriction (can you believe i need to log a ticket to get anything installed?)

So you might ask, what the fuck have I been doing? IPHONE of course. Looking at ways to customize it.

Ihsiu introduced me to winterboard, an application on iphone that allows you to change the theme 🙂


Above are samples of the theme you can download, ALL FOR FREE 😀

But for all of these to work, you will be required to jailbreak your iphone.

I use purplera1n to jailbreak my phone.(3GS 16G), after that, cydia for everything else.

So what is everyone gonna do for their weekends? hope you guys all have something special planned. I have heard good and bad news from everyone around me. The best news would be my sister is FINALLY FUCKING PREGNANT 😀 i am definitely looking forward to be a uncle. This time my niece and nephew will be made in australia. I hold Sheryn and James (my niece and nephew) close to my heart but THEY ARE TOO FAR AWAY. ALL the way in SINGAPORE. I am the only one left in the family that is not wanted by anyone. sadly.  People say fate will bring your partner to you. Some ppl told me when your career is doing well, your love life goes down the drain. Perhaps true.

wheres my CUPID U IDOIT, Shoot some arrows here pls 🙂


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