Tax the rich and reward the poor

Sounds fair doesn’t it?.  People complain that Ralph Norris ceo of commonwealth bank is overpaid but has anyone ever thought of how many hours and work he put himself through to get to where he is today? It is not a position where you can get to just by being smart, hardwork, timing, luck and public relation skills. Stop fucking complaining how the rich earns too much and should be taxed more.

Everyone choose their path in life and if you are a single mum be it for whatever reason, it is still a path you choose.  If you are a struggling family, then you have no one to blame other then yourself. No one ask you to quit school, No one ask you to take drugs/smoke/drink. No one asked you to spend that 8 dollars on a subway/maccas/kfc.  There are many others who suffer ill fated lives so stop complaining. Stop making the rich pay more tax (I am not rich but i think they deserve it)

Stop making a system where you punish those who work hard and reward those to don’t.  We are no different from a communist country. Distribute all the wealth.. tax the rich at 50% and give out money to the bums. Doesn’t that sound communistic?  Take pension away from those who save hard and give pension to those that spends everything. WELL DONE to australia. I can just see how the next few generation will turn out.

We feed the poor to maintain social peace. I SAY CANE AND JAIL (Make them work in jail to feed themself) THEM to maintain social peace. Try committing any crime in singapore.. I BET YOU WILL THINK IT 10 times over before you try anything DUMB.  vandalism carries a penalty of 6 cane. Each cane is enough to knock you unconcious.

this is call bum flower blossom


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