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Dedicating an entry for my favorite spice :)… before i do that.. there is something i have to do.. Because there have not been any significant increase on visitors to this blog, i am forced to resort to this underhand method all for the sake of generating more traffic. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN, I AM HEREBY GOING TO POST A PICTURE OF MYSELF…


YES, I went through a sex change operation to attract more visitors. IN YOUR FACE DAWN AND XIAXUE, I NOW LOOK HOTTER THEN YOU 2 COMBINED HUAHAHAHA. 99% of my body is still natural, NO PLASTIC except for *cough* *cough* u know where huahaahah. Stay tuned because if traffic still doesn’t go up, I might be tempted to post myself dressing scantily with 2kg worth of make up on. So much make up i am going to leave a trail of powder behind where ever I walk. This has got to work. its the secret ingredient to a good blog.

Now back to chillies. Is it 1 “L” or 2? anyway.. i love my chilli 🙂 Chilli has to be one of the most versatile spice out there. Any food that doesn’t taste good or too blande what do u do? ADD CHILLI. U can cook any dish with chilli.

Chilli crab, chilli with rice, chill fish, prawn, chicken, vegetables, oysters, fries, egg, crab,infact any fucking dish.

why do i like chilli so much? hmm its the pain it gives u. the hotness and pain, the burning of lips, the sweating and sniffing. The sweat normally tends to get recycled back into the body. when you eat something hot and u sweat, the sweat drops back into the food and u consume it again.. never ending cycle. huahahahah. maybe thats why it taste so good 🙂 extra ingredient.

The only draw back to eating so much hot food is when u go poo, its gives your bum the “ring of fire”. chilli lovers knows what i mean 😛

I can tolerate most chilli big and small, except for 1. the vietnamese call it “zhi tien jiao” translated means sky pointing chilli. Its so called name like that as these chilli on the plants points to the sky.

These LITTLE FUCKERS are INSANE. i added a small teaspoon of these blended chilli to my instant noodle and omg, fjsad;jfksda;l ITS FUKING UNHUMANLY HOT. THESE VIETS ARE FUKING CRAZY .. THEY BURN LIKE NOTHING I HAVE EXPERIENCED BEFORE. Its gives me tears whenever i poo for the next 3 days. I can’t even walk properly and look like i was raped in the ass by a bunch of big ass amercian natives. THEY HURT OKIE? my bum hurts now just thinking abt it

washabi is good too 🙂 i normally add a shitload of it into my soya sauce whenever i have sushi. me and my ex gf(LC) used to have a mini competition. we would dunk our sushi into the super thick washabi soya mix and we would cry ourself silly. We normally get alot of ppl looking at us thinking “these asian are fuking crazy” . they would see 2 idoits in 1 corner crying and laughing at the same time.

There is one way to ease the pain of hot food. any hot drinks will do the trick. hot milk might be perfect. i normally just like to drink some hot soup. ITS PAINFUL but YET ITS ooooooo SOOOO GOOOOD.

Maybe I am into SM.. heheh.. no anal though thxs huahahaha… i dun mind trying SM if i get to do the whipping.


End of this entry.. would like to give thxs to for the free advert you did hehehe.. just happen to come across your blog and saw it. like the flash u did 🙂 unfortunately i have very little readers so doubt i will refer alot to your site, which is why i have to resort to my sex change to stay in competition 🙂

*I normally try and give thxs and link to any pages from where i get my image from but that is not possible all the time. If i had used any pictures that belongs to you. send me an email and i will create the appropriate link to your webbie 🙂 thxs


Changing layout

I changed my layout cause weeks ago I submitted some ghost story to a blog and i request for a link back if they ever publish it. So today i decide to go check it out and it says that the blog is moving to another url and when i click on it.. IT HAS THE FUCKING SAME BACKGROUND AS ME. Its too gay so i’ve decided on a more generic and simple layout and should make it easier to customize it further more in the future 🙂



Warning again.. seriously dun look at the pics if u are eating or u are easily disgusted. This is the text accompanying this email i received

Date: Tuesday, 9 September, 2008, 8:12 PM
This is a true case of a Japanese man from Gifu prefecture who complainsincessantly about a persistent headache.Mr. Shota Fujiwara loves his sashimi and sushi very much to the extent oftrying to get them as ‘alive and fresh’ as can be for his insatiableappetite.He develops a severe headache for the past 3 years and has put cut off asmigraine and stress from work.It was only when he started losing his psychomotor skills that he seeksmedical help.A brain scan and x -ray reveals little however.But upon closer inspection by a specialist on his scalp, the doctornoticed small movements beneath his skin.It was then that the doctor did a loca! l anesthetic to his scalp anddiscovered the cause when tiny worms crawled out.A major surgery was thus immediately called for and the extent of theinfestation was horrific.See the attached pictures to the scene that one thought only a movie could produce.: sushiworms.jpg / sushiworms2.jpgRemember, tapeworms and roundworms and their eggs which abound in allfishesfresh or salt fishes can only be killed by thorough cooking and/orfreezing the fish to between 4 deg C – 0 deg C.The eggs of these parasites can only be killed if it is cooked or frozento the said temperatures for a week or more.Think twice about that raw d ish next time…or you might get a headache.

Anyway its not true, chill dun worry huahahaah.. i can see the faces of all the sushi and sashimi lover now. According to snoop, the picture is real. some possibility could be scalp infection or some rare type of worm. very rare case and definitely not from your favorite japanese delights lol.. maybe someone should photoshop some penis rotting pics and say that if you look at porn on the internet, you will become like that :p heehheehe remember to give some credit if you do. I have linked snope.come for your reference if you want to find out more



Chain mails

This is something you really got to watch.. its like wow.. how the fuck he does it. I was told that he could only do it on video and not in front of a live audience.


this looks photoshopped but its real lol just found out abt it. anyway.. this is the message that accompanied this photo:

If you delete this … you seriously don’t have a heart.Hi, I am a 29 year old father. Me and my wife have had awonderful life together. God blessed us with a child too.. Our daughter’s name is Rachel, and she is 10 years old. Not long ago the doctors detected brain cancer and in her little body.There is only one way to save her…an operation.. Sadly, we don’t have enough money to pay the price. AOL and ZDNET have agreed to help us. The only way they can help us is this way, I send this email to you and you send it to other people. AOL will track this email and count how many people get it. Every person who opens this email and sends it to at least 3 people will give us 32 cents. Please help us. Sincerely
(Even though you will be contributing 32 cents by sending this e-mail to others, please send your prayers. Because our God is able to deliver…he can make a way out of no way. If you have love for this child of God, please remember her in your prayers and send this e-mail to others.

Okie..i know i am going to offend alot of ppl… firstly, the person that really needs help is those that forward this mail. AOL, Bill Gate, Microsoft, APPLE, Teapls nor any other hot shot is going to give any money to ANYONE simply because they will not promote chain mail of any sort.

if u really feel bad for this guy or any other story or picture that is link to any chain mail. you shouldn’t be forwarding this chain mail. Think of it in that guy’s perspective. Someone is using his plights as an excuse to create a chain mail so as to boast his virtual ego. perhap he needs a bigger e-penis. this is equivalent to stealing from those charity box except the creator is worst then that. U GET NOTHING OUT OF CREATING ANY CHAIN MAIL EXCEPT PROVE YOURSELF TO BE A SCUM. Life is hard enough for them already and do not require u to take any advantage of it. If i have any say, i will make it an unlawful act and the punishment will be to make the creator of any chain mail live the role of the character in the chain mail he creates.

I am a PERFECT living prove that not forwarding any chain mail you will not have bad luck, your wife will not leave u, u won’t go bald, your penis won’t strink neither will u have a bad hair day. I have not foward a single chain mail and i am still sitting here writing this.

There is a link on the email which i am not posting as i do not want to up her hit on her web. But if u are the creator of this chain mail.. U are goign to rot or become the man in that pic. Its call retribution.


random shit today

status lol


architecture around the world

Lets talk about interesting man made buildings around the world

Singapore’s opera house.. looks like a bee’s eyes? or durian?

Great wall of china

Dubai tower

You have to sucide if you dunno what this is

Sydney opera house

KL tower

Valancia opera house i think

Perth swan tower / bell tower

k.. this is the part that annoyed me… i was driving pass the other day and from a certain angle, i realise where the architect got his inspiration from. Any idea from the pics?







Still dun get it? IT FUKING LOOKS LIKE A VAGINA BEING PENETRATED, A VAGINA BEING SCREWED… OMG.. come on man.. that is tax payer’s money.. yes MY money.. i do pay tax okie? This cost 5.5 million dollars to build.. Surprised? THIS rubbish actually COST 5.5 MILLION…. that is dodgy man.. i have a sneaky suspicion that the government or whoever is incharge of it have been holding somebodys hand under the table… some footsie perhaps?

Maybe the architect was making out while thinking of a concept and when he glance down, the white light at the end of the tunnel lit up for him :0

This tower is a evil symbolism of a hideous prank… maybe he is thinking “muahaha 5.5 million, perth got screwed” with a evil grin * rubs hand* so whenever perthie drive to the city, they see the tower mocking at them, constantly reminding us, showing us how fuked we are 🙂


random stuff from email today

Huahhah up your arse.. man i wanna be that guy whose ass got blown up into that size. talk abt fisting

Damn she is hot.. check out their tongue..

Ouch? u dun wanna be headbutted by this dude..

Recent migration to wordpress from blogspot the original blog can still be found at I have link all image sources on the image itself I will always reference my source whenever possible but with so many images floating around the net, it is pretty hard to identify which image belongs to who. If I have not given the source proper credit, inform me and i will correct it immediately


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