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No Decent Computer No Emails

I like to keep track of all the cool emails I received on this blog as well.. but working off my laptop is just troublesome. Right now I am lying on bed and its not the most comfortable position to work on a lappy for long.

I got bored and was looking around at places to travel.. hmm I like going to undeveloped country 🙂 why? cause everything is cheaper.. places like china, vietnam, thailand. I am sick of malaysia.. but I discovered there are actually alot of other places to go as well.. LIKE BRAZIL AND SPAIN.. hipeeeeee!!!.. i didn’t realise the standard of living is pretty low there and everything is relatively cheap.. hmmmm comtemplating now hehehe..

I  know .. alot of you guys probably know about these places.. but they have always feel so unreachable. but come to think of it.. whats there stoppping me from going?!!!!…

So during my busy work time, i did some research..*looks innocently at my project manager*. hmm where would i wanna go most.. probably SPAIN, some small party town would have been good.

OKIE seriously.. i know u are going to ask.. whats with the 2 asian chick… nothing..absolutely nothing.. came across them while googling.. and they looked hot hence they are there HAHAHAHHA… anyway..

back to where to go. .hahahaha… thats right… spain..Brazil would have been good as well but the problem is I am not a fan of girls who are darker then me.. why? CAUSE THEY LOOKED HEALTHY THEN ME FFS. I like pale.. unhealthy looking girls thats ample.. does that make sense? Hahahaha..sooo.. spain would be good.. switzerland would be good too.. green eyes.. blonde hair.. hmm damn.. but switzerland is a expensive place to travel.

argh.. i need a life else all these day dreaming is going to get me no where..


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