Economic lesson from ME

Yes, thats right.. economic lesson from someone with absolutely no financial experience, therefore you better trust and listen to my great advice.

what is the best thing you can do at during this period of time?


Thats right, be a tight ass and pray that the US dollar don’t drop. Why? drop in US dollars can have a repercussion effect throughout the world but because of the high demand in US goods, this seem highly unlikely. Why? Because when the USD drops, everyone will be “OMG USD IS SHIT NOW AND EVERYTHING IS CHEAP… LETS BUY BUY BUY” and then USD demand goes up and the dollar strengthen again.

Not only that, but because alot of countries trades in USD, even if you are buying shit from taiwan, you will probably buy in USD as well. ironic isn’t it

Actually, I have to say, that is one great piece of ass. I know, i know, very perverted though but hey I am a guy after all you know.

Sorry for the lack of actual blog post.. i have been so busy its not funny, bringing home lots of work to do and recently i have been upgrading my computers to windows 7. its not a easy job because I HAVE FREAKING 7 computers to upgrade. Actually 6, since my laptop is screw AGAIN for the 3rd time and for the SAME reason. NOT happy.. stupid onboard graphic card.

What can i say about windows 7, other then ITS FUKING GREAT, compared to vista that is. Furthermore, it is heaps smarter, installing most of my drivers for me. 😀 sweet.  i can probably write a review about it but whats the point? theres plenty out there on the net.


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