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God’s algorithm in pairing a male or female

Or in some cases, a male and male (ewwwww!!), a female and female (yummy!!). Nothing against gay but I can’t imagine putting my dick in some hairy ass.

Well, I think god is fair in his own rights. Every man can be assigned a value based on his wealth, success, family background, looks, charisma etc. Based on these points, he will probably get a partner of similar value.

Recently, my wife’s cousin in singapore married a Vietnamese woman.  Someone who is old (46) , jobless, houseless, carless, careerless marries a young and beautiful wife, seriously, what does he expect? Does he expect his wife to be homely, caring, obedient etc?  More then likely she marries him for the rights to continue staying in singapore.

If you want a beautiful wife that will listen to your every whimp, you have to be Hugh Hefner.

Well, thats where he is complaining now, saying how she ignores him,  how she continue working in a bar/pub accompanying other man to drink( and surely something else on the side?), how she spends money like nothing etc. well.. honestly i do not know what is he complaining about?

for starters, she earns more then him, feeds herself, is young and pretty and he gets free fuck all that for the price of a signature. If you ask me, I think he got himself a bargain.

This is another proof of evolution, human of better quality tend to mate together. The movie pretty woman where Richard Gere (a rich man) marrying a prostitute(Julia Robert) is well….. just a movie.  With all that wealth he will probably be sleeping with super models like Donald trump.


Names, are they male or female

I have learned one thing.. which is not to make any assumption about the sex of the person based on their name. I work on the open source project geoserver/geotools and there are alot of people from around the world working on it. Names like Aime, Jody and Simone may sound feminine in our part of the world but its not else where. I saw an email which says Hi Miss Aime.. I mean.. dude why did you have to take that extra step in putting Miss and get yourself in trouble. Whats wrong with just Hi Aime.  Anyway, they are all guys and even though I am sure they don’t take it to heart, they bound to be slightly offended.

When i was young, alot of people thought i was female when I answer the phone. Sad…. that point in time i actually thought there is something seriously wrong with me. Maybe I should go for a sex change. maybe i would be happier as a female. Plus I like wearing pink.. my god..what was i thinking then.

now, i am glad i am 100% man :D. being a male has lots of pros and cons. lets list them out..

scratching your balls is okie.. people just htink it disgusting but female scratching their puss.. people will think fungus LOL

the social responsibility of a male is just to get the “job” done clap your hands whereas female have to clean the job up for 9 months lol

guys can possibly get more attractive and valuable over time as we age… female.. NO WAY IN HELL hahahah unless of course they are the career type. Sadly though in fact alot of rich females got there due to some guys in their life too like dad or husband. eg Liliane bettencourt(Mr. Eugene Schueller, the founder of L’Oreal),  Alice L Walton and  Helen Robson daughter and wife of Walmart founder. These girls top the list but there are many more 🙂

I choose the girl i wanna go after.. but would u as a female go after the guys u like?

If i have a “need” i can pay for it.. females can as well.. but would u?

i can screw 50 girls and no one will say anything other then “wow he is good” and female counterpart? 1 word, slut LOL

I better stop before I offend 50% of the population 🙂

Fine i know i am chauvinistic but and i know u are angry. Relax, just a joke 🙂








Taking a dump

Yes, i took a dump in the office. Yes i am one of those people whom u hate when u visit the toilet and it smells. But hey, i get paid to take a dump plus i really needed to go. I guess i could have hold it back but its 5pm, nearly time to go home and i really wanted to kill the last few minutes :p

Anyway, someone walked in and took a dump beside my cubicle as well.  I can hear all the pffff and splattttt and shhhhhhhh and boinkkkkk and i think he finally settled down and i hear him pulling on the toilet paper. I was done as well but i sure as hell ain’t going out. I mean, imagine how embarrassing it will be when we face off for the first time. He knew i was taking a dump and I knew he was coordinating an orchestra.

So i waited and waited. he still refuse to leave. So i surf the net on my phone. Normally i would use this time and sms my baby but my phone credit ran out so all i can do is wait. I wonder if he was waiting as well. I mean he obviously has more reasons to not see me. In the end i gave up and walked out, washed my hands and went out of the toilet. i went to get some water and on the way back, i saw him walked out.

This placed me in a very advantageous position cause well, i know who he is and he doesn’t know who i am. i WIN. turns out to be a old indian fellow whom i know for a fact, doesn’t wash his hands. ewww.. thats why whenever i open the toilet door when exiting and after washing, i would dry my hands with the paper towel provided and use those towels to open the door.


Imagine if i didn’t do that, him pooing and weeing, hands on his dick and ass then open the door. If i was to touch those handles with my bare hands and then if i touch my face, its no different from him slapping his cock on my face and him sitting his ass on my face. My god, the thought seriously put me out. I think i am going to faint soon.



Digital Camera

Ok, I am on the look out for a digital camera.


  • Small
  • light
  • cheap
  • AAA battery

I sound asian. Wait hang on, I am asian!!. why AAA battery? why not rechargeable.  Reason is simple, this is because i like to be able to be out and about without having to worry about recharging my battery. I don’t need any flash or those cool functions. Just let me snap some pics 🙂

I do have a minota camera but i reckon its a bit fat.  I spend alot of time writing today.  Why? well, the reason for the camera goes hand in hand with what i did today. Me and P started a blog together.  I think good because if I think she is the “one” for me, I would like to be able to look back 10 years later and remember everything we have done together.

So now i want to start snapping pictures but I know  I wouldn’t carry a camera around if its too fat hence the hunt for the smallest camera starts.

IPhone is not really a decent camera. I want one that can take better pictures, better zoom etc etc.


No Decent Computer No Emails

I like to keep track of all the cool emails I received on this blog as well.. but working off my laptop is just troublesome. Right now I am lying on bed and its not the most comfortable position to work on a lappy for long.

I got bored and was looking around at places to travel.. hmm I like going to undeveloped country 🙂 why? cause everything is cheaper.. places like china, vietnam, thailand. I am sick of malaysia.. but I discovered there are actually alot of other places to go as well.. LIKE BRAZIL AND SPAIN.. hipeeeeee!!!.. i didn’t realise the standard of living is pretty low there and everything is relatively cheap.. hmmmm comtemplating now hehehe..

I  know .. alot of you guys probably know about these places.. but they have always feel so unreachable. but come to think of it.. whats there stoppping me from going?!!!!…

So during my busy work time, i did some research..*looks innocently at my project manager*. hmm where would i wanna go most.. probably SPAIN, some small party town would have been good.

OKIE seriously.. i know u are going to ask.. whats with the 2 asian chick… nothing..absolutely nothing.. came across them while googling.. and they looked hot hence they are there HAHAHAHHA… anyway..

back to where to go. .hahahaha… thats right… spain..Brazil would have been good as well but the problem is I am not a fan of girls who are darker then me.. why? CAUSE THEY LOOKED HEALTHY THEN ME FFS. I like pale.. unhealthy looking girls thats ample.. does that make sense? Hahahaha..sooo.. spain would be good.. switzerland would be good too.. green eyes.. blonde hair.. hmm damn.. but switzerland is a expensive place to travel.

argh.. i need a life else all these day dreaming is going to get me no where..


fickle minded.. i am not

Fine Fine, actually ok, i am .. hahaha wow.. can’t believe it has been a year since I last wrote on this blog. hmm actually i was having a shit and was browsing my phone then I ran out of things to surf on, thats when I returned to my I realise it is actually nice to read back on things that I have written in the past.

I am back in wordpress since there isn’t a decent converter that can help me move from wordpress back to blogspot.

My life has been interesting enough, taking alot of breaks and holiday this year. Had a change in career as well, working for a government research center. If you are in australia, you can probably guess where i am right now 🙂

As all my friends around me know, I am a whinger :D.. yes i do whinge but what happened these 2 day deserved a solid page of whinging. Firstly, I have to say, I respect my mum for being such a strong person in such times.  my grandma has overies cancer, my aunty(mum’s sister) has nose cancer and my sister has brain tumour. FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE. ALL THESE NEWS CAME AROUND THE SAME TIME within 6 months.

And to top it off, my fucking stupid worthless, useless piece of shit step father decides to pick a fight. fuking hypocritical bastard who would act all nice in front of ppl, giving the impression that he is a nice man.. now i bet he has no face to ever step out of the house. I am getting ahead of myself.

26June2010, he got drunk, picked a fight with my mum. I went out to see what happend. ended up fighting, called the neighbour, let me mum take refuge with them, got into a fist fight with him, called the cops, restraining order given to him, took my mum to my sister’s, went back next day and found he has broken all my stuff(computer, monitor, perfume etc etc). .. great summary?

Anyway… so what happens now? seperation of course. There is no excuse for what he has done in a time like this. I am glad my mum has made the right decision except for one thing. the distribution of asset. split what they have, that is fair.. but noooooooooooo… THAT PIECE OF SHIT WANTS TO SPLIT MY MUM”S INSURANCE MONEY AS WELL. WTF..

Firstly, the money has not come in yet, secondly, that money is future earnings since she hurt herself at work and won’t be able to work. Thirdly, she lost her smell and taste, Need i emphasize HER? WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH U.  GO TO COURT LAH.. I RATHER PAY THE LAWYER THEN U STINKY WORTHLESS SPINELESS PIECE OF CRAP.


This has angered me greatly but if this is a price to pay to severe all ties with him, its a small price to pay. when all these is settle, if he is that greedy, i will post and chain mail the whole world on who he is and every fucking thing about him.  I WILL MAKE HIM FAMOUS, that will be my life dedication(with all my free time)

Btw, anyone watched worldcup? (i just wanted the word worldcup since that’s the word that will get you traffic right  now hahaha)..

note to future me, keep the blog updated.


Changes in contract

My friend’s mum is a vegetarian but she didn’t married as a vegetarian. she decided to turn vege after someting like 20 years in the marriage. Seriously if its me, it will be a very valid reason for divorce. Even in the eye of the law. I mean like seriously, what if i turn gay after 20 years of marriage? pretty sure no girls will be happy with that.

When a man meet a woman, several factors comes into play whether or not you wanna spend the rest of your life with them. For me food is definately near the top of the list.

i am guessing this could be one of the reasons why divorce rate are so high nowadays. Its like when I married you, you were slim. BUT YOU TURNED FAT.

Or “you used to be cool man.. what happened”.

divorce rate is actually pretty scary nowadays. something like 50% of marriages ends up in divorce. 70% of the divorce are inititate by the woman, woman gets 80% of the asset and woman wins 90% of the time. huahaha fucked hey!!

i actually know a guy that went through 2 divorce and basically he is a very poor man. can’t even afford a glass of wine because all his monthly wages goes straight to both his wife. i kinda feel for him.. if its me? fuk the partner, i would pack up and leave the country. pff and if i have kids, they are coming with me.

Recent migration to wordpress from blogspot the original blog can still be found at I have link all image sources on the image itself I will always reference my source whenever possible but with so many images floating around the net, it is pretty hard to identify which image belongs to who. If I have not given the source proper credit, inform me and i will correct it immediately


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