Most overrated occupation

Top of the list, Pilots. What makes their job so highly paid, i can never understand. For doctors and lawyers, these people have undoubtedly the brightest brain if they had graduated from decent university.  We of course wouldn’t trust doctors who graduated from Kakatiya university.

Bottom of the list would be scientist.  Working in a government funded research institute, Some of the world’s most brilliant mind are located here. These are people would can solve complex calculus just by using their brain without paper pen and computer. Impressive? Certainly but yet their average pay may not be high in comparison unless of course you are a very successful scientist.

So how are pilots chosen? I am talking about commercial pilots not fighter plane pilots(who are of course in a different league).  I am sure half the people in my office have the brains so what makes some people qualified and some not?  How do you justify the insane amount they earn? because they are accountable for hundreds of lives? A bus driver also accounts for lives in their bus. The “high amount of intelligence” require to push buttons? to flick switches? Yes i do not know how to fly a plane, well actually i can :p in a simulator muahahha, but likewise not everyone can program.  Doctors require immerse amount of knowledge, lawyers need to know the law and these are courses where only the brightest can get in. They have my respect, working long hours but pilots, I am sorry, overrated.


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