Plastic surgery

I cracked up listening to this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN3EwXiRTKo.  Even though the title of this youtube is dedicated to singlish, it is not. This is just making fun of some poor unsuspecting aunty. Back in perth who ever did this prank will have to pay a very hefty price cause they will probably get their ass sued.

Here, everyone sues everyone and every dog sues every cat. Why? cause its a great way to earn money. A burglar can invade your house, trip because you left some wire cord dangling and sue the daylight out of you.  They can come into your house and if you beat the shit out of him, you can get sued. Seriously, come on, its my fuking property. if you want to rob my house, at least let me break your legs.

My step sister trip on a tread mill and broke her back. As it turns out there was a screw loose on the mill when she trip which has nothing to do with her tripping. She sued the gym and was compensated 600G. Holy cow, she probably won’t even earn that kinda money in her lifetime.

Dawn vs xiaxue, that was funny too. Maybe I don’t earn that kind of money Dawn does where she can comfortably take out 10k or more for a lawsuit but it sure is funny when the truth came out. Her aggressive response made me believe she was innocent, I mean why else would you risk that amount of money? 10k man, assuming its 10k, will take me months to save up.  Its not easy.  If it takes me 2 month, that will be 1/6 of a year, 2/3 of a quater 🙂

Seriously whats the big deal with plastic surgery? are you ashame? Guys  don’t really care as long as they like what they see in front of them, i mean if its just for fuking.  But then again looks doesn’t last forever. There will always be someone younger and prettier and sadly any guy in the world can fuk pretty looking girls. They just have to pay :p. To attract man who will genuinely be nice to you, its all about who you are cause one day when you are 50 and withering, whether a man choose to stay cause he cares for you or leaves for someone younger hotter and prettier will be all about your personality.

I read this from a blog somewhere that when the writer was walking in Orchard road, he saw a really pretty girl walked pass. He gave her a smile and her response was a look of utter disgust. He then approached her and she was expecting him to be asking for her number but instead he ask her, how much one night. LOL.

Her response was not for sale and he replied with I have fuked prettier for 100. Ouch but yet o so true LOL. All these made possible by our friendly neighbour prostitute.


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