Names, are they male or female

I have learned one thing.. which is not to make any assumption about the sex of the person based on their name. I work on the open source project geoserver/geotools and there are alot of people from around the world working on it. Names like Aime, Jody and Simone may sound feminine in our part of the world but its not else where. I saw an email which says Hi Miss Aime.. I mean.. dude why did you have to take that extra step in putting Miss and get yourself in trouble. Whats wrong with just Hi Aime.  Anyway, they are all guys and even though I am sure they don’t take it to heart, they bound to be slightly offended.

When i was young, alot of people thought i was female when I answer the phone. Sad…. that point in time i actually thought there is something seriously wrong with me. Maybe I should go for a sex change. maybe i would be happier as a female. Plus I like wearing pink.. my god..what was i thinking then.

now, i am glad i am 100% man :D. being a male has lots of pros and cons. lets list them out..

scratching your balls is okie.. people just htink it disgusting but female scratching their puss.. people will think fungus LOL

the social responsibility of a male is just to get the “job” done clap your hands whereas female have to clean the job up for 9 months lol

guys can possibly get more attractive and valuable over time as we age… female.. NO WAY IN HELL hahahah unless of course they are the career type. Sadly though in fact alot of rich females got there due to some guys in their life too like dad or husband. eg Liliane bettencourt(Mr. Eugene Schueller, the founder of L’Oreal),  Alice L Walton and  Helen Robson daughter and wife of Walmart founder. These girls top the list but there are many more 🙂

I choose the girl i wanna go after.. but would u as a female go after the guys u like?

If i have a “need” i can pay for it.. females can as well.. but would u?

i can screw 50 girls and no one will say anything other then “wow he is good” and female counterpart? 1 word, slut LOL

I better stop before I offend 50% of the population 🙂

Fine i know i am chauvinistic but and i know u are angry. Relax, just a joke 🙂








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