Flirty woman

Damn they are annoying cause they toy with your mind. Some guys are good judge of female and I am personally horrible in it. I always read the wrong sign. Whereas some guys like my ex-manager steve, one look and he can tell you whether a girl is a cockteaser or not.


why this post? well, i had a hair cut yesterday and  there was this new hairdresser call maurice i think.. can’t really remember the name cause i am bad with names damn…. looks alright and was very friendly. It was the first time i met her and she was like touching my arms alot and talking to me while lisa was blowing me. I mean blow drying..dun be dirty.

She was most probably just being friendly but after that haircut, i can’t help thinking.. hmm how will she be like as a girlfriend and it just keep popping in my mind. This is the reason why in my whole life i have never had any female friends cause either my friends will be interested or i will be. furthermore females are annoying as friends. Seriously like they are bitcher and definitely not as easy to get along with. Giving an example. guy friends are so easy.. call them up and ask “hey wanna go x”, guy will most probably go hmm okie or nah.. can’ tbe fuk.


girls on the other hand, either they will give a stupid excuse if not interested or will be like asking 101 questions before they say yes. this is going out as a group not a fuking date.  Guys can pretty much talk abt anything with no restrain but some females likes to “act innocent”,  easily disgusted by certain topics or get offended easily with shit sense of humour. The only female I find great talking to is julee but sadly we are oceans apart and i have never met her in real life. perhaps its because i know she is way too young or perhaps she can be more like a man then some of the males i have met.

I find myself very emotionless when it comes to chasing females. i don’t really care if they are not interested neither do i care what the fuk happen to them but the problem starts after a few months into a relationship. I get so involved that everything I do, they will always come first. This is bad because it clouds my judgement and changes alot of priorities in my life. for example, career and my family have always top my list but because of an ex gf that i had, i was ready to dump all that. i hate myself for certain decisions i have done and I swear to myself I will never do that again.  esp as my mum had the accident, it makes me appreciate all the things my family have done for me and they have always been the one there for me.

gf and friends are very volatile relationships and it can end just like that. look back at all your close friends you’ve had in the pass. Are you still as close as it was now?


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