what some man thinks

This topic came up yesterday when me and a few guys head for the pub to have a few drinks before i leave the company. What kinda girls do guys want. And the conclusion? it depends on the phase the guy is in. Note this does not apply to all guys. Well.. you can catagorize girls into 2 catagory. One for fun and one for marriage.  if you can find one that is both fun and good for marriage, thats call a keeper and you are one lucky guy.

I am currently 29 so obviously financial and mentally ready for marriage. whereas if the boy was still 18, he obviously wouldn’t think that far and just get whatever he can bonk.  what we define fun girls as would be hopefully hot, slim, voluptuous, fun, basically anything that makes the eye pleasing 🙂 Note, the IQ of the girl here doesn’t really matter.


Whereas for marriage, its all about how comfortable, how well you click, basically more on personality and intelligence of your counterpart. I am sure this applies to both sexes. I am sure girls with more then peas for brain will wanna find a guy that can provide financial and emotional stability. This is also why you sometimes find some dumb druggy chick hanging out/marrying the local bogan.

IF you are lucky enough to find one that fits well into both catagory, then you are obviously one lucky ass. Everyone knows that I m looking for a partner right now and honestly have been for a while but its really not that easy. I do not want the local waitress or hairdresser. I do not want any bimbolic dumb chick and honestly want  someone who have some degree of achievement. Having a uni degree means jack all now esp if its a marketing degree. I have no intention of offending any marketing graduates but most of the successful sales managers i have met have nothing close to a marketing degree but instead carry a certain charm plus is also great in lying through their ass and fart through their mouth. Am i desperate?  Not yet, maybe when I am 40 i will be 😀

I still believe the value of a man increases as he age. For example, financially more stable, more asset, more mature and less reliant. furthermore, theres always plenty of girls in china that will marry you to get out of china 🙂 for now anyway until china becomes the next financial superpower. that day will come for sure. China world GDP currently is sitting around 10% and US around 20% but US deficit have been going up for a decade now. China and japan is currently the riches country in the world with massive surplus. At this rate china is growing, we will be buying oil in RMB one day 🙂  …now  back to the main topic 🙂

Now for girls, 🙂 what happens when a girl age. marriage nowadays means fuk all. divorce rate sits at 45% in the US(around there from memory). So married or not, the value of a girl is bound to depreciate when they age. Furthermore, its common for man in 40 marrying girls in 20s meaning they have a market of 60 years (girls btw 20-80)

Whereas for “ladies”, well if you are 40, you can only go up meaning guys between(40years) 40-80.  obviously there are always cases of exception. milf, cougar etc etc 🙂

Well, this is a very chauvinistic post and its purely meant for entertainment. If you disagree, kindly comment 🙂


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