Money and Friends

Money is a very sensitive issue even amongst close friends.

I have been talking to a sg friend of my via email and was a bit sad to read this part

alrite..s*** never pay his debt tats y he went mia.some brother!left his debt to me.me,paying like hell.every month salary in salary out.very tough life.nit a few years to settle all the debts.does not matter how long u stayin,its a matter whether u coming.try to come n see

This is a portion of the email that sadens me. Let me fill in the story.  Me, C and S have been good friends ever since secondary 1. we pretty much do everything together. Last few years when I went back to sg, we still meet up and drink and do shit together. But during that period of time, it felt different. we were falling apart. Its hard for friends to last forever because of issues like money, family, commitment etc etc.

well what happened was S was betting heavily in soccer and he bets through C who knows a bookie in sg. S has been losing badly and ended up owning something like 50G. he got burned back and negiotated to pay monthly to C. and guess what, after a year of that he went MIA(missing in action). I was annoyed. Yes you hate paying the debt YOU owned but how do you think C felt? he is paying for a debt and for what?

I used to think that friends i know will last forever but as I age older and older, I know that is not possible. lots of my friends have either got married and have isolated themself, gone back to their own country for good and hardly in contact or have gone to prison. Some of those that went to prison, i was not surprised but some i was SHOCKED. a ex neighbour/close friend of my actually went to jail for kidnapping in Malaysia. I have always though he was doing well, with his shiny brand new WRX and BMW 330 in singapore. never though he would resort to kidnapping for a miserable sum of 200G

Treasure your friends now and dun always expect them to be there forever. keep money and girls out of the equation and you will be fine


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