Martial arts

I wonder if those wu ling gao shou(martial arts experts) in those oldern days shows like demi gods, semi devils, or dragon sabre and heavenly swords go dutch when they eat and drink? I can’t imagine cheung wu ji or ling hu cheong eating in the inn and they ask their “brother” for 5 silver.

cheung wu ji: oi that dinner and wine cost 10 silver so u own me 5 silver

hot chick: what the fuck u stingy scumbag

cheung wu ji: who ask you to order that nu er hong(superior chinese wine)

hot chick: I was trying to get drunk so that u can have sex with me idoit

cheung wu ji: pay up now or i will use my nine sun palm on you. I am now number 1 and i can have any chicks i want


Heheh yer yer, you can guess now I have obviously be watching alot of the  fighting hk tv dramas.  In fact I have been watching shitload of shows from movies to dramas. Actually, come to think of it. I don’t think I have ever seen such a scene in any of the series. Who pays the bills? Damn it, i wanna live in those fantasy world where everyone looks so perfect and everyone is actually normal. unlike the society that we lives in. I see so many weird people all the time or perhaps I am the werid one and everyone is normal. which is which >.<


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