Another stupid chain mail that should go to hell

who ever starts this should go to hell for using the disabled to satisfy their retarded, weird needs.

























If you delete this … you seriously don’t have a heart..

I am a 29 year old father. Me and my wife have had a wonderful life together. 
God blessed us with a child too. Our daughter’s name is Rachel, and she is 10 years old. 
Not long ago the doctors detected brain cancer and in her little body.
Sadly, we don’t have enough money to pay the price. AOL and ZDNET have agreed to help us. 
The only way they can help us is t! his way, I send this mail to you and you send it to other people. 
AOL will track this email and count how many people get it.
Every person who opens this email and sends it to at least 3 people will give us 32 cents. 

Please help us. Sincerely 

(Even though you will be contributing 32 cents by sending this e-mail to others, please send your prayers.. Because our God is able to deliver…he can make a way out of no way.. If you have love for this child of God, please remember her in your prayers and send this e-mail to others.) 


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