Good things are hard to come by.

This post doesn’t make any sense ahahahah, please ignore it and read it if and ONLY IF u are really THAT BORED you will read anything hehe. 

I have always believe that good things are hard to come by. Not only that, you tend to treasure it more.  For me, i am someone who will work really hard for something that i really want. but on the same token, if i can carry it, i can drop it easily. Some of my relationship last a long time and some for couple of weeks for the same reason. 

I guess thats why alot of girls like to play hard to get. kk.. lets not talk abt girls/boy/animal whatever your preference is. Lets talk about work. If you are soeone who have always been lucky, finding jobs after jobs, do you really treasure your work?

I remember when I first found work. I was so happy and thankful to those who had help and given me a chance.

Lets talk about food and water. Are you ever thankful for your food?

I used to take all the food that I have enjoyed in singapore for granted before I came here.  Now, I miss it so much 😦  so much so that if I ever go back, its because of the food and my families that are still in sg.

Christians pray everyday before their meal as a gentle reminder to themself. I am not a christian therefore I don’t believe in thanking god for the daily food. But I really should wake up every morning and remind myself that life have not been bad to me. Although I am not rich like gates, although I don’t look like david beckham, although i am not smart like einstein I do lead a fairly enjoyable life.

Anyway.. i don’t know what is the reason of this post. hahahah eeee its just some random thoughts. 

Looking back at my earlier post, I can see that I have been very slack hahahaah.. most of the time just posting up some random emails and shit

ya ya i know but that is beacuse in the past, there was plenty of time to sit down and think of what to write. Now, when i reach home, i am on a “can’t be fuked mode”.


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