Another chinese comrade down


Of all ways to die, this must be in the top list for most embarassing death.

Well, stories don’t get much worse than this. A 14-year-old boy in China was killed when his chair exploded, sending chunks of metal into his rectum. The bleeding this caused killed him.

The alleged explosion came from the gas cylinder that was in the base of the chair, the part that allowed the user to adjust the seat up and down. The canister gets compressed when you sit on it, but can it actually create enough energy to make the seat cushion explode like that and kill a man? I doubt it, but this is what people are reporting.

In other news, I am working from a beanbag from now on. Sweet merciful crap.



IN another words, he got raped.. big time… by a zebra huahaha. 2nd on the list for most embarassing death




JUST when you thought we were milking the cow for all it’s worth, along comes a fresh idea: cow urine as a fizzy drink.

No, it’s not a stunt. India’s Hindu nationalist movement, the Cow Protection Department of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), says the drink is in the final stages of development.

The Times reports head of the department Om Prakash as saying the drink – called “gau jal”, or “cow water” – in Sanskrit was undergoing laboratory tests and would be launched “very soon, maybe by the end of this year”.

“Don’t worry, it won’t smell like urine and will be tasty too,” he told The Times. “Its USP will be that it’s going to be very healthy. It won’t be like carbonated drinks and would be devoid of any toxins.”

I Can foresee 3rd on the list for most embarassing death incoming


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