Where am i heading

Few options have turned up for me. I was offered 2 jobs to go to but I have pretty much decided where I am headed. I went this morning for a group interview as a croupier at burswood casino. Hmm the pay is pretty shit imo. 16 bucks an hour while training and 20 dollars and hour after 3 months probation. I think the liquidation of the company may truely be a blessing in disguise for me.

Firstly, I have been offered a new job that allows me to change my direction in my career path. Secondly I get a nice tidy sum of pay out :P. Thirdly, I have gain a contract where I maintain some software for a civil engineering company for 80 dollars an hour.

The biggest change around for me would also be it really changed my view and thoughts on where  I want to head in the future.  But for the time being, there are a few project that i need to complete urgently.

-website that sells computer parts. (yes, a small project on the side btw 2 more friends of my who happen to be able to get parts cheap)   with content management

-web application written in silverlight (for experience) that does online invoicing, biling and reports. will be open to the public as who knows what door it may open. I need to do this asap as  i need to be able to bill my client … i refused to use those dodgy $5 dollar invoice notebook to scan and email invoice. that is shit.

-another website project that i have undertaken. This will be piss easy as it will be a static website 😀  might try wordpress.org 😀

FUCK so many website project…zzzzzzzzzzzz…I am still comptemplating on the language of choice. I have experiece in jsp/struts/jboss, php and asp coding. I am leaning towards either php or asp as they are easily hosting on a windows machine.

k all sounds like rubbish to some people.. sorry 😦

I was so bored after I quit wow and now its like time is never enough. gtg ciao ciao


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