Changes in contract

My friend’s mum is a vegetarian but she didn’t married as a vegetarian. she decided to turn vege after someting like 20 years in the marriage. Seriously if its me, it will be a very valid reason for divorce. Even in the eye of the law. I mean like seriously, what if i turn gay after 20 years of marriage? pretty sure no girls will be happy with that.

When a man meet a woman, several factors comes into play whether or not you wanna spend the rest of your life with them. For me food is definately near the top of the list.

i am guessing this could be one of the reasons why divorce rate are so high nowadays. Its like when I married you, you were slim. BUT YOU TURNED FAT.

Or “you used to be cool man.. what happened”.

divorce rate is actually pretty scary nowadays. something like 50% of marriages ends up in divorce. 70% of the divorce are inititate by the woman, woman gets 80% of the asset and woman wins 90% of the time. huahaha fucked hey!!

i actually know a guy that went through 2 divorce and basically he is a very poor man. can’t even afford a glass of wine because all his monthly wages goes straight to both his wife. i kinda feel for him.. if its me? fuk the partner, i would pack up and leave the country. pff and if i have kids, they are coming with me.


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