Sorrie for the lack in update. Even though the company I work for is going through liquidation, I am still needed around. They have sack more then half the office but still kept a few key personel around. Makes you feel important huh? hehehe.  I have a job interview on Monday, wish me luck!!!

I am going to write abit abt my personal opinion on xiaxue. If you are a hardcore die hard xianxue fan, it would be best for you to get off the internet and get a real life cause it will be a bit disturbing for anyone to be take anything on the net so seriously.


Doesn’t it make you think of a slightly pudgy 4 foot tall transvestite?

The above is quoted from http://www.shaolintiger.com. Absolutely harsh and hilarious yet true. He is someone whom i would not want to have a literature war with. With all the daggers hidden in his writting stabbing xiaxue, i am surprised that she is still standing.

Once in a while i do pop in to read what she says and mainly to leave comments so that i can get some traffic off her :p

If Mike gets lung cancer, are these smokers going to be responsible? Why should he (and I, since I also smell it) bear the consequences of something that someone else did to make himself feel good?

Analogy: Is it ok if some guy wanks and blows his load all over your face?:

Straight off her blog. Well, hmm if xiaxue likes to blow off random guys and have him blow his load over her face, i dun see the problem.

Truely the main reason I am annoyed with her is because of the way she crucified her own readers who made her who she is today.

Secondly, she draws an air of arrogant around her with the way she write. It makes me feels like she expects everyone to kiss the ground she walks and everyone should wait on her with their hands and feet. What happened to modesty?

She may live in a disillusional world where she thinks everyone is trying to bring her down but sadly that is not true. Read her earlier entry and her later ones and compare it.

For the last fucking time, I do not want to advertise for your freaking blogshop.

I am increasingly annoyed by the sudden boom of these dumbass blogshops with dumbass names like Flight of Goddess or Morning Glory or Rainbows and Hearts or My Glamour Place or WHATEVER!
its not hard to just say no thxs. Too busy? just ignore it. why put people down?

I was watching the clip on steven lim with xiaxue somewhere. When steven tried to shake xiaxue’s hand, she turned him down with a look of disgust? urhmm.. didn’t your mum teach you manners?  its just a handshake, i doubt he would wanna even get into your pants and stare at those gums of yours.

and her vocal english is ve li the bah king gud


1 Response to “Xiaxue”

  1. 1 Martin
    November 10, 2008 at 5:29 am

    Good luck with the interview. I am one of the couple that got to stay :(. It makes you think WTF.

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