Farken Idoit

Sorry for not updating these few days. Have been spending most of my free time being busy… Anyway.. had a really tiring  week. As most ppl around me know, i kinda stop drinking, clubbing/karaoking but i was actually drunk for 1/2 the week last week. This has to stop, my old body can’t handle all these late nights with alcohol like the way it used to. Furthermore i am now working which means my biological clock is currently screaming fuck now.

And to top it off, i lost my credit card. I thought my friend took it so that i won’t end up paying the bill. It  turn out to be a stupid china bitch at kfc.  When i took the order from drive thru, she is like “uh, n ni think else?”, “din na fork took”? FOR FUCK SAKE, LEARN TO SPEAK ENGLISH. I ordered dinner for 2 without breast meat. Its not hard right? 

Anyway, she nearly forgot to take payment until i was waving my credit card in her stupid shit ass face and she quickly realised that and took payment.  She then passed me the food and then gave me a recipt and said “tank q” without my cc. Normally they return you your credit card with the receipt at the same time. I can’t believe all 3 of us didn’t realise that my cc was not returned… 

Best of all is i hit the side of my car on the pillar while i was reversing as my mind was fully occupied with searching for my cc. I admit i panicked more then i should have. I was worried as i have just cleared my cc and i dun wanna go through all the insurance husstle if it was used for other purchases online.

I really can’t stand people with like seriously bad attitude. Those that looked all high and mighty.  I am pretty sure my cock is higher and mightier then your fuking face. For one i can’t stand looking at alot of the younger girls going out with western people and they look oh so fuking smug. Its like showing off to people “hey look, i hook a western guy”. If you are abc thats different, i can understand as you are brought up with the same western culture as them.  Its that specific category of asian girls with western guys thats very common in northbridge nowadays that annoys me. Obviously their hole is too loose now and they need a fist up there to keep it tight.

Another group is some of the rich or intellectual asshole. Well, if you are rich or smart.. fuking good for you. Mainly right now the annoying ones are those borned with a diamond spoon in their mouth.  So technically, they are proud because they happen to come out of a pussy where the last person to poke it happened to be rich? WOW, you know what? GREAT ACHIEVEMENT DUDE!!!

There are always lots of exception but you can sometime really tell when you start listening to them or even some from their eyes. FUCKING ANNOYING.  I am dispised by my own race and fellows of the yellow skin association. FUCKTARDS

Another thing i won’t ever do is look at those snobbish pretty looking girls. Thats right bitches, not everyone thinks you are hot and will wait upon you  on their hands and feet.


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