Eating monkey brain

I was told that in some countries, people actually eats a monkey brain while the monkey is still alive. You can actually see the tears from the monkey and its look at you while you dig its brain out.


Although most likely a rare practice, certain supposed methods by which monkey brains are eaten have sparked controversy. Certain restaurants provide special tables with a hole in the center. The live monkey is immobilized with its body below the table, and the top of its skull is removed with a knife without the use of anesthetic. The head, which protrudes above the table top, serves as a bowl. Liquor may be poured into the skull and mixed with the brain. The diners then proceed to scoop out and eat parts of the brain

From your dear friend Mr Wiki. It seemed like.. sooo cruel? i guess if the death is instant. Its like us killing pigs/chicken/fish for food. I kinda place myself in the monkey’s position and cringed. 

I can’t say i am a daring eater. I dun mind like deer/squirrel/snake/crocodile meat etc.. this are softcore.. and to the westerns they are like “OMG GAMERS MEAT” and they run around telling everyone they had crocodile meat….. pff weak.. they look at us eating chicken feet/jelly fish  with a look of contempt and digust. I love at them with a look of O_O …. lol weak.

This explains the lack in variety in western food. Its always the same shit. just difference sauces and garnishes.Western restaurant menu are always like 1 or 2 pages long with size 20 wording and asian restuarant menu are always like 5-6 pages long with size 5 font.

Anyway… goign to have sukiyaki tonight .. yumm.. although i have more of a craving for peking duck. But todays weather is like cold and wet.. perfect for sukiyaki.. 

I hate eating peking duck with a big group of people.. its like always just 1 serve…zzzz i prefer eating it with a group of at most 3. yummmmmmm


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  1. February 3, 2013 at 12:07 am

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  2. July 26, 2014 at 12:52 pm

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