how much would you pay for Japanese food

Would you pay 200 bucks for 2 person to eat in a japanese restaurant? I don’t know abt singapore or malaysia etc. I am sure the restaurants there have a wider selection of japanese food. But in perth, they are all the same. the usual bento box, the sashimi, sushi, raw beef, terriyaki beef/chicken/fish etc etc.

To me, THEY ALL TASTE THE SAME, their tofu, their beef and all their standard usual shit. The japanese restaurant all share the same menu EVEN THE SAME NAME. gosh at least put in effort and call it something like green flower fins in special sauce (terriyaki fish decorated with green flower). I dun even need to look at their menu in a jap restaurant to know what they offer. So why the price difference?

A local small jap cafe downstairs from where i work is the budget type. All the main dishes would cost around 8 dollars.

Went to ha-lu few weeks back and it cost like 60 bucks a head.

Old school jap restuarant chunagon cost like 150 a head.

WHY THE DIFF? THEY BASICALLY TASTE THE SAME. why would you pay 50 bucks for a terriyaki chicken when u can get it for 8 dollars?

Fine, the ambience.  Is the ambience enough to jusfity the 600%-1000% difference? Not like the japanese have great service anyway unlike their western counterpart.

on the contrary, chinese restaurant is pretty much the same. You only pay more depending on the type of food you order like lobster/crabs/shark fin etc etc. Alot of chinese will gladly pay for it cause its justifiable. The only stupid chinese resturant is ‘YU’ in burswood casino where they charge insane amount for their shitty small portionated food. but only dumb ppl eats there… i have hardly seen any chinese there at all.

western restaurant i can understand as well, Their service is excellent in fine dinning. I dun mind paying if the service is good + most importantly, the food is good. Its actually pretty hard to find nice steak in perth.

But japanese food.. pff .. it is piss easy to make most of the japanese food anyway. my sister makes great agadashi tofu, their pancake and a few other dishes. go google it and u will see what i mean. It is just about putting in the right japanese sauces. like the sukiyaki.. its just water and jap soy sauce

terriyaki? pff 101 terriyaki sauces to choose from on the shelf. 

Maybe cause i am a singaporean. To me, its the quality that counts. If i was to pay 50 bucks for oyster ommlette in a hawker center, I would. BUT IT BETTER BLOODY TASTE DAMN FUCKING BLOODY GOOD else i will burn the shop down and rip his penis off and cook kambing soup with it.

really penis soup.. HUAHAH but its bull penis, very common in china


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