Why Australia promotes uneducated younger generation

Foreign born student kicks ass in TEE here. Tee is A-level equivalent in singapore. It the university entrance examination.


Why? is it cause they are smarter? not really.. It is only because they place greater value on education.  Back in asia, blue collar workers dun earn even half as much as the blue collars in australia.

I am going to point out facts and points to know before i start raging. the culture in australia is very different from asia.

– I am writing this from my perspective.

– I have completed uni with a government debt of 18,000 AUD. (this is before they raise the fees)

– I started work with a meagre starting pay of 34G a year.

– a average white collar should be lookinng at 80G after 5 years.

– blue collars starts off working as apprenticeship for a few years depending on their contract

– full fledge blue collar earns insane amount of 100G-150G a year



A friend of my took a 3 month course and headed straight to the mines and is earning 150G/pa from his 40G/pa job. sounds fair? Okie.. now if you were 17 years old.. what would you do? Would you rather 

A) finish year 12, take a course and work as a blue collar, lay bricks, rubbish collection, landscaping or drive a truck and earn 100G a year then go spurs on cars/alcohol/woman?


B) Go to uni, get fuck all allowance, see your counterpart earning 100G a year and out there partying, get into debt for your school fees, studying up to 18 hours a day on some days, graduate and earn 40G/pa and PAY YOUR FUKING TAX?


So which option would you choose? U know the lollipop man that holds the stop and go signs on the roads? Those people earn 90G a year because the work is TOO HARD and requires complex calculus to rotate between signs.

The ratio of asian in university to the asian population is REALLY HIGH. here is like 9/10 asians have been to uni compared to like 1/10 caucasian. BUT the reason for this is BECAUSE, TO THE CAUCASIAN THERES NO NEED TO attend university. They can easily earn more then you by driving a truck.

Just trying to get a tradie in to fix anything at home is going to cost you an arm and a leg. Toilet stuck?  200-300 bucks minimum to come clear it for u. Electrician came in the other day, took a test for current in the wires and charged 50 bucks for a 2 second job. FUCKING RIDICULOUS. 

Maybe cause i was brought up in singapore and i can’t get used to the idea of blue collars dominating here. BUT we can make a difference. The numbers of asian working in the white collar community is increasing and one day maybe just one day, we can start a revolution and demand a better paying job environment. 

Being a average worker in any country sucks esp in australia. why? BECAUSE THE RICH GETS RICHER BECAUSE OF U AND THE POOR FEEDS OFF YOU. medium income family suffers the most, we pay all the taxes to feed people too lazy to work. All the tax money are used to build things for the poor and things that we hardly even use.

Can someone tell me where does my tax money goes?

what has providing broadband to the bush got to do with me? why am i paying for it?

I don’t use the public swimming pools (isn’t this what council rates are for?)

I dun use the public libraries (council rates?)

The last time i called the police for a break in, it took them 4 hours to come. *clap clap*

Can i get lower taxes since it most of the shit in the budget doesn’t benefit me?


I am pretty sure if anyone does any research, i only gain at MOST 10% of the tax i pay and the rest goes into charity.

It will be interesting to see the future of australia with labor in power. For the first time in years, we are might be going into deficit.. thanks kevin rudd 🙂

we import so many skilled workers like engineers, WHY DUN WE LET MORE TRADIES IN. GET SOME BANGLADASH IN TO DO THE BRICKS, THEY CHARGE LIKE 100 times LESS.


1 Response to “Why Australia promotes uneducated younger generation”

  1. 1 Martin
    October 26, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    I tend to have to disagree with alot of what you are saying. A city working blue collar person is not on 100g a year. However if they decided to work in the shit hole of a place up north they start making that kind of money.

    There are times where i think i am getting over paid for the work that i am doing. A blue collar person earns every cent of his money. Where us white collar people sit here doing not much sometimes but still getting paid for it.

    I was one of those 1/10 people who went to uni and there was an add which used to play on the bus trip every day which went something like this.
    Guy 1: wow where did you get that car
    Guy 2: Just brought it
    Guy 1: How did you offered that
    Guy 2: With my new job. I even paid for it outright.
    Guy 1: Well what am i doing at uni then.
    Goverement offical: You to could own all sorts of nice things if you become a blue collar worker. There will be no need to study just get straight to work.
    (This isn’t exactly what was said but its close.)

    That add used to shit me to tears. I hated it so much. It always made think WTF am i doing going to this school every day with no money. When i could be out there making big dollars already and not having to study.

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