My first time

Just before i was about to go to sleep last night, my msn binked with incoming messages. One of them was from Julee requesting for a webcam session. I was thinking .. hmmmm nice…. webcam!!!!.. maybe, just maybe i might get lucky. So i accepted it.

This is my first time that i have ever used a web cam. What were you thinking?

Anyway.. i sat in anticipation for the connection to establish hopefully i might see something nice… but nooooooooooooooooo, SHE DOESN”T HAVE A WEB CAM. wtf.. they should hang ppl that requested for any webcam chat when they themself do not have a webcam. Thats wrong. That is like rose asking jack to jump in titanic and rose not jumping. Rose laughing menancingly “sucker!!”.  What happened to the “you jump i jump” ?

This is something that i cannot understand, like whats the point of having a webcam chat. I mean it would have the same result if she had printed a picture of me, blow it up to A4 size  and put it in front of her and we talk.  they should call a webcam a sexcam or a peepcam. Isn’t that what people use it for? so that they can pay 3.99/min to perv at some chick going hot at it?

3.99/minute is pretty good money, FUCK.. thats like $240 an hour. anyone wanna pay me that? i would do a hot strip for u.

nothing beats the phone sex though. i once saw a advertisment for one of those phone sex job and it was somewhere along the line where all you need a a sweet voice and like engaging in voice conversation

WANTED!! Women with no taboos or restrictions. Full time positions only. Ideal applicant is home alot and available to answer calls as they come in (40 plus hours). Dispatch and direct dial company. $.75-$1.00/minute. No hold times. Minimum call is 10 minutes. Weekly payouts-direct deposit-no trolling. A complete aplication is needed. www.****.com to apply today! We offer hardcore and uncensored phone sex

We are looking for experienced chat operators. Good voice? Like talking to people?

Hmm hardcore and uncensored phone sex.. WHAT THE FUCK? is that even possible?  what is hardcore phone sex like?

Ideal applicant is home alot  means old fat housewife. the slim ones will be out there working out like shopping, yoga, chores etc etc. the fat ones will be the one that is slobbing at home


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