Saw a audi R8 on the weekends. It turned me on so much… such a sexy car… check out its butt.. soooo hawt!!!! dammit.. The driver i saw in it was really young too like at most 25-30




Top speed 301 km/h (187 mph)
0-100 km/h (62 mph) 4.4 seconds
0-100 mph (160 km/h) 10.1 seconds
1/4 mile (~400 m) 12.5 seconds @ 113.2 mph(182.2 km/h)
Type V8Displacement 4.2 L (4163 cc)
Power 420 PS (309 kW/414 bhp) @ 7,800 rpmTorque 430 N·m (320 ft·lbf)
Lateral Acceleration (200 feet (61 m) skidpad) 1.01 g
Only 15 of these babies produced a day.. zzz… brother in law told me it cost something like 270,000 in australia.. thats like buying 3/4 of a medium house in perth…. okie .. so all i need is to save up 4000 a month and i can buy it in 5-6 years. haiz dream on.


One thing i can’t understand is why do they almost always have female models in car shows. We are there to see the car. NOT THE GIRLS. If i wanna check out girls i would go to a strip club where i can see everything. It seems like car manufacturer are trying to hint something. Make you feel like the car and girl comes as a package


if it was me, i would have hot male models instead of females. So that when they see hot male models standing near the car, buyers will think “shit i will look that hawt if i buy that car”. Or as we all know, females are compulsive buyers. So maybe the girlys will get charmed into buying one.

image: http://www.funis2cool.com


Okie i take back what i said.. males should stick to what they do best and let the girls do the modeling.


Back when i was younger, i would constantly thinking of getting a nicer car. But after a while, you realise that car is seriously nothing but a waste of money. Give me a car that will take me from point A to point B and i am happy. What are the benefits of getting a nice brand new car vs a not as flashy car? U lose more money through depreciation. but i guess u look better in it, makes you feel better, give you bigger balls. To me, if i was to spend 40grand on a car, i might as well put that back into my homeloan. Because of mortgage interest rate, if i use that 40G on my homeloan, essentially i will be saving like 60-80G in the long run. No matter which way i look at it, i can’t justify myself spending that kind of money until the day i clear my loan. hmm even if loan is cleared, pretty sure i can grow 40G to something more rather then throwing it into a lost investment.

Granted if you have too much money to throw, thats a different story. but for everyday average joes like me, its a matter of choosing between praticality and the size of your balls. The worst thing would actually be to take a loan for a car. At 10% interest, thats a choice btw sanity and insanity.

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