Playing hard to get

traffic for this blog is really weird.. right in the beginning it shot up really fast. Then it stayed stagnant. I wonder why and how.  The adult content warning is starting to piss me off that is why i am migrating soon to wordpress. going to play around with it for a while because last night when i tried migrating to wordpress, it didn’t import quite a few stuff and the snapshot widget irritates me too.

Because this blog is behind adult content warning, the only means of exposure is through word of mouth.  get the hint? heheheh. i started this blog as a side project. i have set a goal which i really want to achieve but at the rate this is going.. i doubt i will even get close to it.  in 10 more days its going to be teapls’s 1 month anniversary.
Okie back to topic.. heheheh.. how hard should a girl play to get? should guys do the same?
I didn’t realise even someone like my sister would do something like that but i believe its quite common amongst the proper asian girls.. not the ABCs. The reason is simple.. so that she doesn’t look desperate.  I know my sister did that because of the advice she gave me last night hahahahaah.  I stumble across a girl’s blog whom i have met in uni. i thought she was really cute and nice back then but i was with LC hence i didn’t do anything. So i email her and shit and she replied. My sister was like.. dun reply her .. wait a few days, hehe but too late.. email send huahaha.
I dunno much abt caucasian because lots of asian guys simply dun stand a chance therefore i have not really chase any caucasian before. likewise caucasian gets owned by black guys hhehehe. its a vicious cycle .. 

i too think girls should play a little hard..but how hard is hard? A friend of my went after this malaysian girl once and in my opinion, he is a fairly eligible male. but the girl is like omg.. playing the fishing game.. hooking him and releasing him, all the pulling and tugging.. she is a pro man.
her best friend ended up taking interest in him after knowing all that he had done and they ended up together huahahahaah.. point of this story.. look how easy it is for him to change target.
Do girls really think when a guy likes a girl, he falls head over heels? Not in the chase…. it takes time to cutivate. thats why new couples have a honeymoon period. thats when you really put your heart into it.
but as for guys playing hard to get. hmm i know it doesn’t make sense since u are doing the chasing but yet u play hard to get WTF?
hahaha kk i shall try explain it a bit.  
Reason is simple.. its a common technic call mind fucking
think of it in the girls perspective..  
guy make his intention known. 
girls gets a bit interested (if not interested no point playing hard since who will will u be playing hard with? not interested == change target unless u really wanna persevere)
guys keeps calling everyday
becomes a habbit for girl
guy stop calling for 2 days
girls is like.. wtf!!
girl think.. omg what did i do wrong? he found someone else?
guy calls
girl relieve
girls gets more interested
the analogy for playing hard to get is like when u need to shit but theres no toilet around.. THE MORE U WANT SOMETHING AND THE LONGER YOU TAKE TO GET IT, THE MORE U LOVE IT.  remember the smile u had when u finally found that toilet after holding it in for 2 hours?
okie i am no fabio, my is all theory crafting. U can say its bullshit but what do girls love most?

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