Yumm.. this would have to be one of my favorite fruit. Sadly we can’t get fresh durian here in perth and we can only get those frozen ones imported from thailand or somewhere. Most durian lovers in asia most probably won’t know what happens when u freeze the whole durian cause there will absolutely be no reason to freeze it in asia. When i said freeze, its not just freezing the edible meat part. I mean freezing the whole durian together with husk.

What you end up with is like soggy biscuit, but instead u get soggy durian. With desperate time comes with desperate choices. Even though it taste like shit, alot of asian here still buys it

I had durian for breakfast, lunch and dinner for like 2 weeks when i was back in Malaysia at the beginning of this year. I have durian with sicky rice, plain rice, ice cream, bread, puffs and durian by itself. So what do u have your durian with? Have u ever added like a bit of salt and water on the hollows of the husk and drink from it? taste freaking good lol


i had some durian biscuit once at work, the receptionist kept coming to my office and asked me if there was someting dead in my room ….zzzzzzzz…it can’t possibly smell that bad right?

The best part abt durian is after eating, your burp and your fart smells like durian too…. i farted in the car after i had durian and a female friend sitting at the back commented
“o there must be a durian stall somewhere, i can smell it, smells so good”. For the first time in my life, someone actually said my fart smells good huaahahah…


try burping after durian in a western nightclub. all the caucasian will love it *wink**wink*.. if you get beaten up, dun blame me okie? dun even mention this blog 😛



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