Getting Married

Yes, you read that…. thats right 🙂 GETTING MARRIED… well, hmm i am single so the only person i am getting married to is either myself, my left hand or my right hand 🙂

Friends around me are all getting married, its actually rather depressing for me but i am happy for them to have found their soulmate… dun think i will be able to fly back to sg to attend the wedding but i sincerely wish them all the best…..HOPE U WILL BE WEARING THIS JJ


The best wedding date would be something like 20th of october 2010. or 20th of sept 2009.
20-10-2010 wahh all the pairings.. huahaha very auspicious

What makes a compatible couple? To me there is 3 main thing.
Firstly to me, food plays an important role to the longevity of a relationship. They must share similar taste in food. Doesn’t help if the girl only eats western food and the male eats only asian food.
Female: “me no speak no english”
Male: “hmm okie.. i am sure we can work around this, we can use sign language”
Female: “huh? O_O what toking u”.
Male: zzzzz
this is fuked. U got to at least share 1 common language.
Comfort level
This applies to alot of things. Being comfortable means u are happy with your partner’s educational level, looks, financial background, their living habbits and everything else.
Not only that, you have to be comfortable when scratching your ass, farting in the car and them picking their nose. Of course this is after the honeymoon period. You dun wanna be farting in the car with the windows up and child lock activate on your first date 🙂 you only do that once after you are “officially together”. Thats when u lock her under the blanket and fart like u never fart before.

Check out their expression HUAHAHAH damn fierce. the girls seems bend on getting what she wants lol
i have only ever had 2 long term relationship and a handful of short ones ….-.-

To me, looks is not really that big a deal as long as you are comfortable with it. No matter how pretty or good looking you are, after 1 or 2 years, you tend to get so used to it, it doesn’t really matter anymore. Thats when your compatibilty and inner beauty kicks in.
I am sure we have all heard stories of china bride cheating some old man off his money and ran away. Ok, i know its definiately wrong but seriously you can’t just blame the girl. These uncles married girls 1/5 their age, OI UNCLE YOU REALLY THINK SHE MARRIED U CAUSE U ARE HOT? I am not condoning the act but dun expect any pity from me in such cases.
check this blog out lol.. potential disaster
Author: Beijing Girl
25 Aug
Hey,I’m in my 25 this year,single,never get married.A cute,sweet ,skinny and well-educated girl who likes smile a lot ,is devoted to her family and friends,and reasonable ,tolerant and always willing to listen to varied views.I got a bachelor degree from a key university in Beijing and work in a top US construction enterprise in Chaoyang district..I have a stable job and can speak perfect mandarine and fluent English.
I’m looking for Mr.Right who is honest ,responsible , not a playboy, not a drug dealer and not a alcoholic.It doesnt matter u r Chinese or from other countries .Age difference sometimes is a beautiful illusion.What I like is a guy with a nice personality ,good brain and a stable job without economic and family problem.What matters to me is you r also looking for a serious relationship and ready to get married .
Please do reply with ur name,age ,nationality,job and marriage status , plus photos.Yours will get mine!Let’s meet up soon! My email:

image from here

This other girl too with the header: A traditional Chinese girl look for true love

and UNCLE? hmm just let me give a comparison

OI those girls OBVIOUSLY DUN HAVE DIFFICULTY FINDING BFS. Pretty there will be heaps of guys after them. Its FUKING DODGY so guys pls dun start emailing them. I know its hard cause i was tempted myself huahaha

And those wifes that have been bitching abt china girl stealing their husband. what are u bitching abt? YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY. If your husband can’t keep his dick in his pants just fucking let him go rot. why bother trying so hard to keep your husband beside you. U dun want someone like that anyway. I know this from personal experience okie

NO my HUSBAND DIDN”T GO FUK ANOTHER BITCH.. hahaha.. okie.. okie.. its my ex gf.

just a quick brief overview of what happen to me and LC. I dated her for nearly 5 years. For the 5 years, we practically lived together. we got to a point where everyone thought its just a matter of time before we got married. I bought a small apartment downtown and to be honest, was struggling to make ends meet, paying mortgages, food and bills. Hence i couldn’t really afford to do things like go out for dinner and drinking sessions. I have never been tight on LC and let her do whatever she wants. I knew she met a guy while clubbing and even though that ass knew that she had a bf then, he would still keep calling her.

In my mind then i knew if she was to go, she would go. no point for me hanging to too tightly. its better now then after we are married. i wasn’t financially stable then anyway. my biggest mistake was putting myself in that state of financial difficulty. i knew she was really bored and yet i couldn’t afford to provide her any entertainment. haiz. so thats how we broke up and she hook up with him shortly after. granted she is still a nice girl and i still hold her dearly in my heart but its just too bad it didn’t work out.

my point here being.. if your partner wants to go.. just fuk it. GO, you have live at least 15 years without a partner, you can do it again. Just remember to divorce him and milk him/her dry. dun be like my mum, she divorce my dad and didn’t took a single cent and my dad was relatively well off then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz she end up from bangalow to renting room from ppl and struggling in factory to make ends meet.


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