same sex marriage

Should we allow marriage of the same sex. hmm personally i dun give a flying fuk. if a man or woman wants to marry a sheep or a horse, its up to him as long as they keep whatever they doing in their bedroom unless they are hot lesbian… huahaha.. yummy.

I do not know if this applies to female but seeing 2 chicks making out is hot but seeing 2 guys making out is just disgusting.. is it the opposite for females? I was at the city’s fast eddys once at 4 am in the morning and i saw 2 asian guys around my age (28) making out. THOSE 2 FUKING IDOITS WASTED MY MEAL… I EVEN ORDED A GLUTTON SPECIAL… and i simply could not finish it… its damn disgusting.. i want to stop looking.. but i can’t.. u know what i mean?… i keep on taking small glances across.. and i can see their tongue twirling, slurping and their hands.. OMG… they were like touching and groping everywhere. I saw one of them playing with his partner’s breast/nipple. WTF MAN… THEY ARE MALES.. if u wanna squeeze some boobies get a GF. but but but on the same token.. imagine 2 chicks doing that… yummmmmyyy..

I can’t understand whats the reason for ppl opposing to same sex marriage. there is nothing wrong to be different from others.. but then again everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If it has to do with religon then they shouldn’t be imposing their beliefs on the gay and lesbian.. just like how gay and lesbian won’t force u religious ppl to be like them

I am very bias in this topic, NOT THAT I AM GAY.. really.. i am not… stop looking at me with that weird look.. not that there is anything wrong being gay btw.

Its not like ppl get to choose who they love.. its not like they just decide one day, “hey i htink i prefer a male/female”.

Since same sex can’t give natural birth to children, evolution will eventually step in and do its job but then again society plays a strong role soooo i guess my point being theres nothing much we can do

U have to admire these ppl with how open they are with their sexuality. I wonder for these gay/lesbian, do they do the peeka poo when they go to the toilet? hehehehe…. would they get turn on by that? Actually what do ppl do if they get turned on at a nude beach or a nude marathon?

Man for these nude marathon.. u wanna MAKE SURE U ARE FIT before u join else u will be at the back with the “not as healthy ones”… i rather be at the front with the sexys… but then again.. it might be good motivation for the less healthy ones to catch up and stay at the front.. think of the view man

the rows of ppl running will be interesting, u will see the nice,fit and slims at the front then progressively become fatter and fatter hehehehe

I really hope ppl that oppose to same sex marriage to give some opinion and reasons ๐Ÿ™‚

Author’s Note

Doing well ๐Ÿ™‚ vistor have gone up exponentially to over 200 now ๐Ÿ™‚ huahah…. thxs guys… there was a suddenly influx yesterday for some reason so to keep to my words, i have created 2 email

teaplssfw@gmail.com – safe for work

teaplsNSFW@gmail.com – not safe for work

if u wish to be part of my mailing list for emails that i think are interesting, send me an email to the respective email and just to make sure, just put whether u want it to be safe for work or not in the subject line. If there is any problem email me come2daddy@gmail.com.

Another thing i wanna add is that because i see potential in this blog, i am going to set up my own domain at http://www.teapls.net/ , although i have bought the domain, it is goign to take a while to set it up. I want to somehow get rid of the content warning and put something of my own up.


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