movies that pisses me off

yay, the numbers of readers have been increasing well.. from 2 to 50+ now and this has been up for only 2 weeks. hopefully it will hit 3 digit soon then 4 digit then 5 🙂

Movies with Sad Ending.

Okie, why this pisses me off.. firstly, i pay $$ to be entertained and being sad is not entertaining. What goes through the mind of the director or script writers when they produce these type of movie? “This movie is going to be a blockbuster because everyone is going to die at the end”… WTF is wrong with u.. do u think the audience is going to think, “aww such a good movie cause i am so sad.. they all died in the end” pfff….. fuk that..

brave heart is good yet bad. its bad cause its 3 hours long, he died but i can only blame myself not knowing the scottish history well enough.

Ugly chicks portrait as hot chick

Now, this is an insult to the mental ability of a normal male to interpret “pretty”. Actresses like torri spelling SHOULD NEVER EVER EVER be cast has a hot chick where guys goes after CAUSE SHE LOOKS LIKE A DOG.. Some says “hey v but u are not hot” ……. i know i am not hot but i am not a actor so STFU. Even actress like cam diaz looks horrible though but she can pull it through cause of makeup.. these girls are like transformers… they look like shit.. then “girls,, transform and roll out” and they become hot chicks afters slapping on make up. I have read an email before, describing them as decepticons. so true. but torri spelling.. no amount of makeup can bail torri’s ass out of this.

Movies with no ending.

movies with no ending literally just wasted 2 hours of my life sitting and what for? so i can go home disgrunted? There is absolutely no difference with me 2 hours ago and 2 hours after simply because nothing has changed.. no ending. Its like watching animal planet except worst cause you dun gain anything out of it.. you dun end up sad, happy nor smarter. u just literally wasted 2 hours of your life…. well done to the directors, u have successfully wasted millions of human hours on earth. hope u rot.

movies with no plot , just torture

If i wanna watch movies where the whole show is just about ppl being tortured, i can just go dl faces of death.. plenty of gore and blood. Can u guess what movie i am refering to here?

Faggots as hero

like spidey and that lord of the ring thingy. FOR FUCK SAKE, that LITTLE MAN makes me wanna slap him throughout the whole movie. BLOODY WHIMP. and spider man.. gosh..even my dog has more balls then the 2 of them combined. My dog actually barks in his attempt to look fierce when ppl visit and he is a very small dog.. u have to admire him for his braveness. if u see someone 10 times your size, would u attempt to pick a fight with him?

I am not saying which movie in particular are pissing me off as some of them might offend certain group of ppl but i am sure they are guessable.

So what makes a movie good? hmm simple… a good movie got to have firstly plenty of eye candy. hots males and females everywhere. Secondly, plenty of sex scene. And LASTLY, PLENTY OF ACTION…

Oh shit.. that sounds like porn….. oh well going to watch some educational video now… *opens secret hidden file in C:\Program Files\netbeans-5.0\nb5.0\config\Modules\ext\locale\image\hidden\mystash\private”


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