Sugar Daddies

While in game(WoW) last night, i was talking to a sexy spriest name ***** and we happen to talk about relationships and shit. Anyway she made a point that i find interesting. lots of girls wants rich husband. Fair enough.. money can obviously be a strong driving factor but does marrying a rich husband means u will get what you want? Some points to take into consideration. please note that this is expressively MY OWN FUCKING OPINION so it could be wrong, do not sterotype all guys to think like this.

  • rich husband attract more attractive younger girls. as discussed before, looks is always a depreciating asset for a female. strong competition there. Your husband may be very faithful but will he be able to resist all the temptation, especially from someone younger and more attractive?


*note the girls above are for display purposes only.. dun be a dumb ass i am not implying anything
  • Rich husband are generally smart people. Unless they inherit a huge fortune in which they may turn out either way. So you would think, hey one day if we divorce he will have to give me half his asset. Hmm, you think your smart hubby won’t find ways around it? With his experience and contacts, can’t be that hard. I know a similar case to this where the husband spend years after years in court with his wife until his wife broke down and went broke from the years of lawsuit.
  • you say that nah, i am hot /sexy/caring/loving/understanding/forgiving(myth, girls like that dun exist) my husband love me heaps and will always stay faithful. Well think abt this. If you feed your husband lobster everyday from today, sure he will will enjoy it for the next few days/month/year but one day, after 10 years of lobster everyday, he is going to be fuking sick of it. So sick that he might even find salted fish tasty and yummier.

  • http://www.nolacuisine.com/2007/02/23/lobster-thermidor-recipe/ http://pictures.exploitz.com/

  • by marrying a rich husband, u instantly become a dependant. he holds the power in the relationship. Meaning for all u arguing loving chicks out there. its game over ๐Ÿ™‚

but of course theres always ladies out there who would just keep quiet and let their hubby do whatever they want cause there is NOTHING they can do. at least they can enjoy the riches.

There is alot, alot, like ALOT more beautiful girls out there in ratio compare to rich man so dun start thinking just becuase you look hot means u can get anything you want.

i use to think, damn if i am a hot looking chick, i am going to play my cards right, get the right man and settle for life. obviously there are always instances where this have happen but then again, beautiful is nothing. there is an abundant of beautiful chick and in fact the type of girls that guys look for in marriage and dating is very different(especially the asian) and looks is not really one of the stronger factor. I will cover this next time ๐Ÿ™‚

The whole point of the post above is to simply state that there are lots of beautiful girls out there. I look at these beautiful pornstars and i wonder, why would they wanna be pornstars, is it cause they enjoy it? the filming process? why not just marry someone nice that will look after them? Maybe its because there is not enough nice man out there compare to hot beautiful chicks? Or perhaps nice man dun look for hot chicks? ๐Ÿ™‚

I wonder which one would be better off? being a pornstar or being a prostitute. The are similar in job scope but then again, very different.


  • A pornstar don’t screw as wide a variety of guys (maybe a couple a day) but yet they show the whole world when they do.
  • require crazy ass acrobatic skill and pain/degrading mental tolerence to do some of the stuns they do.
  • they get to tell ppl they have their own dvds
  • get to fulfilled their sexual fantasy? maybe? (not if they are filming with the japs….)
  • they can possibly achieve stardom

image: forums.digitalpoint.com

image:http://www.sheylara.com (HK r-rated movie actress vivien shu. not porn porn)

image: asian-girls-today.blogspot.com

And my favorite MARIA OZAWA ๐Ÿ™‚


  • A prostitute screw the old/young/rich and perhaps tens or twenty of these a day, but remain fairly anonymous.
  • might meet a sugardaddy ๐Ÿ™‚
  • tax free ๐Ÿ™‚ HIPPY DO DAA
  • Can be considered a professional. (Personal relation officer)

below are some pictures of some prostitute, pretty hot too:


*kai in cantonese means prostitute==chicken

OMG MASS ORGY…….-.- i just said they remain fairly anonymous………..

Now hopefully ladies out there will give average joe a chance now instead of judging him by the number of digits he has in his bank acc. Maybe he is a late boomer and strike it rich in later stages of his life.


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