Spiders ewww

Absolutely hate spiders. In fact i hate anything that is creepy crawly. I think the reason i hate spiders is because i am scared of them…

How do you get rid of spiders when you see one? Squash them? ewww, if you squash them, all their intestine and shit will spill out.. that is digusting. I am scared of using the insecticide cause when i was young, i used one on a spider AND THAT BLOODY INSECT REFUSE TO DIE AND STARTED RUNNING AROUND LIKE MAD. And when i saw it running around like mad, I got scared AND STARTED RUNNING AROUND LIKE MAD MYSELF.
It actually crawl up the wall and i continue my pursue and kept on spraying. fuking bad mistake there. the idoit decide to give up when it was up at the ceiling and it drop, it didn’t land on me, but it was close enough to send me crying to my mum.
what’s worst is when you spray the spider and it goes into hiding and u can never find it again. its corpse is rotting away somewhere in a little small corner. Not Good man. fuck that
So whats my new strategy now? VACCUM CLEANER hahahahahaha 🙂 best weapon vs spiders and all other insect. suck them in then u finish the job with the spray.
Anyway.. there are some interesting spiders out there. The rest of this article might prove educational to some :p

This is a brown recluse spider and this is what it does to you if bitten

enough said. you dun wanna fuck with this bugger.

Bird eating spider:


these fuckers can grow up to 30cm long and they eat birds. WTF .. i actually heard of this before. i think what they do they climb up on trees or something and when a bird fly pass, they hop onto the back of the bird and own them. if you want to know more best to google it.

Now this is going be a problem for my vacuum cleaner strategy. HOW THE FUCK DO U SUCK UP SOMETHING SO BIG. dun think theres any of these in australia else i am moving back to sg. fuk that

the picture below is a jewel spider. Dun ask me the real name man.. these spiders have ultra challenging proper names for them.. something like mfklhwieuqirewa’fkdsfm,dsafm;lsdajfasfslak

who the fuck comes up with these names anyway. i bet they have 2 scientist sitting there thinking of a name for these spiders and they end up throwing darts on alphabet tables to randomly generate a name. Or perhap their whole purpose is to make impossible for anyone to remember their name.. well done champs. I bet they are sitting there having a good laugh now..

scientist 1: omg we did a good job
scientist 2: huahahaahh these idoits must be trying to memorise the stupid name we came up with
scientist 1: for our next project, we should give the insect the longest name in the world and only consist of vowels, and it has to be unbeatable in terms of length.
scientist 2: the next generation is screwed. no wonder kids are failing in school nowadays

Spider can fall pray to mind-controlling wasps too. yes you read it right, mind controlling wasp lol. fuk if only i can do that to chicks.. that will be awsome. anyway, what happen is when a wasp successfully attack a spider, the wasp shit come eggs on the tip of the spider abdomen. when the babies hatch, they feed off the spider and eventually killed it. apparently the larvae have the ability to make the spider do some weird shit


btw damninteresting.com is a good website for some really interesting facts and i have been reading it for a while now. the only thing i hate abt it is when they talk abt history and shit like ww2 stuff.. no thxs 🙂

I once read about an experiment where they smoke a spider with wheat/grass/those things that makes u high and giggle/pot whatever u call it. And they film the spider making its web. that poor bugger was confused and end up with a funny looking web. hahaha i try and see if i can find it again and upload the film.

another spider i hate is this spider


that guy is too soft and faggotty to be a superhero …… he is like soooo…. arghhh faggot.

but this black widow, i like 🙂 yummy , she can bite me anyday

image: http://www.sexycostumesboutique.com/store/index.php?cPath=123_167_183


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