day dreaming

My house is about 50% build and I have been looking around for cheap deco ideas for the house. i like my house to have the “cold” feel, meaning using color like white, some silver constrasting it with black furnitures. these houses looks good but its only nice when there no one living it in. Once there’s things like magazines, plate and dishes near sink, sponges, toothbushes , all the daily living stuff in it, it doesn’t look as good anymore.


The korens have some really nice ideas, simply love it but the problem with living in australia is everything is bloody expensive and there isn’t much choices for furnitures compare to asian country. A friend of my actually opt to bring in all his furnitures from taiwan and it end up costing alot less. but sadly i can’t really afford to do that since i am only buying only a few pieces of furniture mainly for my room.

image: patriciagrayinc.blogspot.com

Nice but not my type.. this decor has the “warm” feel to it

The only room i am really goign to decorate would be my room since thats where i would be spending most of my time in. the above image has my feel to it… simple,stylish and cold…. but i bet it is still goign to cost like 5-6 grand for it. sigh!! going to hunt for a bed like that as well as the side table where i can put speakers on. might try one of those wireless surround speakers for my tv huahaha. Also require a study/computer table and a big plasma TV and i am set 🙂

image: www.saniyachughtai.com/
seriously unpractical. what would anyone be doing in a room like it. theres nothing except for a table and chairs >.<

Weird. garden on the roof. hmmm maybe good for somewhere like japan 🙂

So nice… maybe one day when i strike it rich. All i need is my current blog hit rating * 1000000 i might be able to afford it by selling myself out to advertorial combine with selling my yellow ass to some old rich lady out there

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