man vs woman

While i was driving home the other day, i was wondering if it would be better to be a female or a male.

Dun ask me why this came to my mind. it just did. Could i be potentially a tranvestite? *shake head* doubt it. i was thinking more in terms of being in the pre dating scene. One of the biggest difference between a male and female is that male does the chasing while the chick just sits back and relaxs 🙂 so yer.. its pretty much like window shopping for them

Those 2 girls dun even look interested in those hotties. Something must be wrong with them. their head are even on the same level as the man’s *cough**cough*.
Anyway.. starting off with being a guy.
Guys gets to shop as well.. but the only difference is when a guy sees something he likes and wants to buy, the seller may not want to sell. He has to bargain and negotiate to get what he wants.
The other point that i think is a major ++ for being a guy is that to get laid, you dun necessary have to be good looking although looks will certainly speed things up alot. but girls do go for other qualities in guys so as long as you have one of the following points below, you should do well.

$$$$$ (best chick magnet.. period)
sexy body

and best of all would be if u can bullshit well. Girls seem to like alot of those. i have been told girls like bad boys even to the extreme of those abusive ones. I am going to leave that out of the list as bad boys loving girls have grass for brains and good quality guys like girls with brains instead of grass.
good thing about being a guy as well is that you can sleep around as much as you want. The more of your friends that knows it . .the better 🙂 even your dad will praise u.
Hmm as for being a chick.. chick just looks better then guys. dun believe? check out these sexy pics.

hahah get my point? the great thing about being a girl is chicks gets to window shop and if they see what they like, they require no negotiation. Since almost every girl i know tend to have a good stream of guys goign after them at the same time hence they just need to choose what they like. but sadly lots of guys are pretty shallow. Looks plays a big part in the selection criteria. its not a problem for guys if theres language barrier(even better lol no naggin :D). living in oz for so long, i have seen westerners married asian ladys that can’t even speak proper english…. chick is like “eat eat” and husband shrugs and nods head “U choose, I eat”. OMFG.

In fact guys can feel inferior being with girls who are smarter, richer etc etc.. and might even tend to avoid them lol.. haiz. thats why bimbo gets so much attention. they have all the qualities that guys go for.. pretty and stupid. SAD.
another thing abt being a chick is their looks dun last forever. its a depreciating asset that they have and they have to make good use of it while they are young and hot. choose the wrong guy when young and when they hit 30, they are scewed if they partner leave them. Even worst after you have kids and become fat + old.
while searching for some image to show the contrast being a young and old chick, i came across this

*Picture removed./ trying to remove the adult content warning*

OMFG WHAT IS WRONG WITH PPL NOWADAYS. The one above is just an example. in fact i saw heaps of pics with grannys making out with young boy. Does anyone actually jerk off to these pictures? Whats wrong with our society. zzzzzz
Anyway to conclude this. I think i prefer being a male :D.. no period pain problem, no need to get pregnant and carry a load for 9 months. Male do the screwing and i prefer that then being screwed over 🙂 ..
o another thing i wanna add, 2 readers so far yay 🙂 please feel free to send any hate mail or comments. my eye have auto filter that filters out hate mails/comment so u can send them too if u want.

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